3 Telltale Signs of Bad Fashion Supplier

Finding the right fashion suppliers is the first step to running a successful fashion store. Whether you have an eCommerce fashion store or a retail store, without a reliable and quality fashion wholesale, it’s near impossible to provide reliable and quality service.

Unfortunately, there are plenty more bad fashion suppliers than there are good. That’s not to say that quality fashion suppliers aren’t out there, but it does take a lot of time to find them. If you don’t want to waste time finding the best fashion suppliers, you can skip this blog post and head right on over to us – a wholesale fashion company you can trust and one that has pretty much everything you need. 

Now, if you will be doing your own research and plan on sifting through the thousands of online fashion wholesale companies claiming to be the best, you need to know how to spot any red flags.

So, we’ve put together this list of the five telltale signs that the company you’re considering as your fashion wholesale is a bad fashion supplier.

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  1. Your customers are complaining

The first rule to spotting a bad fashion supplier is your customers' reactions. If you are getting consistent complaints about items you get from the same wholesale company, chances are the wholesale company is the problem.

However, if you have yet to purchase wholesale clothing and are still in the investigation stage, conduct some searches online that use the supplier's name along with ‘review’ or ‘scam’. Be sure to search all possible names or short forms of the wholesale company’s name and definitely look on social media for any bad reviews.

While people are more likely to write a bad review than they are to write a positive one, if you’re seeing an abundance of terrible reviews from other fashion stores, raise the red flag.

  1. Your shipments are never on time

As a fashion store, you need your shipments to arrive on time so that you can provide timely service to your customers. If a fashion supplier is continuously telling you that your order is being shipped or that it’s on the way despite the tracking code showing quite the opposite, it’s time to look at other wholesalers.

Sticking with an unreliable supplier for your business can be detrimental to your success, as more and more customers will become aware of the situation and associate the bad service with you – not your supplier.

  1. You can’t get ahold of anyone

Again, this is your business we’re talking about and money that you’re investing with another company to provide product. If that supplier is not easy to contact or unreliable or inconsistent with their communication, let this be a huge red flag.

As a business, you are the fashion supplier’s customer and they should be treating you as such. If you can’t get ahold of them within a reasonable amount of time or when they say they’re going to get back to you, this could mean a couple of things.

It can mean that they’re too busy to communicate which likely also means they’re too business to dedicate the time and attention your orders deserve. Thus, making your business look bad with your customers.

It could also mean that the business is not well-established and if you’ve never ordered from them before, you probably shouldn’t start because if this is how you’re being treated prior to becoming a customer (when they want your business), you can only how it’ll be when they have your business.

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