We are an international team of fashion loving individuals and always on the hunt for the latest trends. We offer you a selection of only the latest trends and nicest clothing available and combine it with the best shopping experience you can have.

With our office and creative team based in Munich, Germany, we are always in touch with what is hot and fashionable at the moment - it's not by chance that Munich is called the most northern city of Italy! What started as your regular fashion store has changed quite a lot, since. As a fashion wholesaler we now supply hundreds of happy customers and entrepreneurs all over the world with ideas, trends and clothes for their boutiques and online stores from warehouses in Europe and China.

Our thorough quality inspections are designed to make sure you will receive only the best quality products. If you're not satisfied with us or your order, then we aren't either!

Our name 'Mikaree' is a play on the greek word meraki which again derives from the turkish merak - it means to do something with passion, love and all your soul. This is fashion and service to us.

Let's make the world a more fashionable place together!