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The One Constant in Women's Fashion

Retail, and women's clothing in particular, is always undergoing change. Styles go in and out of fashion, hot-selling items change by the season, and inventory turnover never stops.

Perhaps the one constant, the only thing that doesn't change in this line of work, is the reality that shoppers are always looking for more.

They want more designs, more choices, more convenience…

And as entrepreneurs, taking on the challenge of satisfying our fashion-conscious buyers is in our DNA!

About Us

What our customers say...

OshPosh Boutique:

Mikaree has the most trendy and fashionable clothing for great prices.  I was super impressed with the quality of the items that I received. The discounts are awesome and my personal project manager was very helpful in assisting me.

Lisha Ruiz

Mittens & Zeus:

Mikaree offers a large variety of clothing and accessories! Everything that I have ordered from them has arrived in great condition and excellent quality! They have such a large selection of on trend pieces, and I will happily order from them again for my online boutique store!

Laura Burden, Founder

All About Trendz NZ:

Just received the items I bought and I must say they are all very nice and high quality! I can't wait to sell these off and will order more for sure! Shipping to NZ was fast approx 5-7 days! Highly recommended!