5 Ways to Wear Beach Coverups (According to Summer and Instagram)

Forget about the perfect bathing suit. It's all about beach coverups and their versatility. Check out 5 trending tips to make a statement in the sand or indoors.

Finding the perfect bathing suit is always the priority when it comes to prepping for the summer or a getaway trip.

In fact, swimsuit sales have grown over 3.2% in the last year alone! And with social media sites like Instagram, that number is only expected to rise.

But what’s often overlooked for warm weather shoppers, yet absolutely necessary, are beach coverups.

Finding the right beach cover-up is all about finding something that helps you adhere to the old phrase: no shirt, no shoes, no service. You have to be covered to get into certain restaurants or stores, but you still want to show off your personal style.

From wrap style to loose-fitting t-shirt, here are five ways to wear beach coverups and a few of the best options you may not be able to resist.

1. Wear a Caftan

If you prefer open and breezy, a caftan might be the perfect option for your beach trip. Light and loosely tied in the front, this style of swimsuit cover-up is meant to simply hang over your swimsuit with minimal effort.

It’s often sheer, although it doesn’t have to be. The main goal is a lightweight fabric that simply rests over your shoulders and ties in the front, leaving your suit in full view.

If you want even less effort, you can try a poncho cover-up, which covers you fully, but can still have the sheer, breezy fabric of a caftan (without the hassle of the front tie).

Our pick: This white lace embroidery caftan has three-quarter sleeves and a longer length. It’s perfect for throwing over your swimsuit without taking away from the color and/or design.

2. Use an Over-Sized, Trendy T-Shirt

If you’re into a more DIY type of cover-up option, then start with your closet! Sometimes you can create the perfect solution with clothing you already have, for example, an oversized t-shirt.

With t-shirts you have two options: Use an older, ‘junkier’ t-shirt and cut it to make a more vintage look. Or use a more form-fitting trendy option that requires less handiwork.

If you’re opting for a vintage feel, find an old graphic tee, shirt from your previous school, or favorite sports team, for example! You can cut the neckline for an off-the-shoulder look, chop of the bottom for a crop-top, or slide and tie the sides for a more fitting, unique style.

If you’d rather not worry about cutting and tying, find a trendy, large t-shirt that can be used as a short ‘dress’ cover-up. Tank tops work best, but short sleeves can work too, as long as they’re on the larger size and can be worn over your swimsuit without being tight and uncomfortable.

3. Opt For a Sarong (Or DIY Your Own)

A sarong is a large, loose, and often a thin piece of fabric that can be styled a variety of ways. From towel, to skirt, to dress, a sarong is perfect for someone who prefers versatility or who wants different cover-up options at the beach.

With a sarong, you can wrap the fabric around your chest and tie the two ends around your neck for a secure, yet completely laid back dress. You can also wrap the fabric around your body several times to create a more ‘fitted’ dress.

There’s the option to tie the fabric at your shoulder for a one-shoulder dress or low around your waist for a skirt. The options are endless!

4. Try a Long, Loose Cardigan or Jacket

Beach coverups don’t have to be fancy. In fact, some of the best are the ones that show off your swimsuit, while still adhering to any and all shop/restaurant clothing ‘guidelines.’

Scope through your closet for a loose and light cardigan or jacket that you love. Even if it has long sleeves, it might work well (especially if it’s a longer length!) to cover your backside without making you too hot.

You can always pull the front of the cardigan closer together to cover, too, without having something that’s fully blocking your swimsuit from view.

5. Rock the Romper Style

The option for a beach romper cover-up has become popular because this style can double as an actual outfit.

Rompers come in all shapes, colors, designs, and sizes, but more often than not, they’re solid or opaque, which gives the wearer the opportunity to style them as desired.

A romper can be form-fitting or loose. It can have tank top sleeves, short sleeves, or even breezy and open longer sleeves.

More often than not, rompers have some sort of tie, clasp, or set of buttons in the front to style and hold the fabric in place. The only downside to rompers is that they’re less easy to take off in the bathroom!

Our pick: This navy-and-white-striped romper is perfect for showing off your personal style, yet fully covering you up. The sides have hip slits and the chest has a loose tie with tassels. It fits larger and comes in one size.

Finding the Right Beach Coverups

Finding stylish beach coverups is all about knowing (and honoring) your personal look. Whether you like casual and laid back, something classy and fancy, or the option to switch up your clothing depending on your mood, there’s something that will work for you.

And if you’re planning for a vacation or just prepping for the summer months, be sure to shop our entire beach collection, right here.

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