7 Plus Size Outfit Ideas That Will Fly off the Shelves

Trying to increase your plus size fashion sales? Inspire your customers to buy! Here are seven fresh plus size outfit ideas your customers will love.

Did you know that more than two-thirds of American women are size 14 or larger? A growing number of teens are also seeking outfits in larger sizes. Colorful, contemporary outfits in real-people sizes are always a big hit.

Pull together these on-trend looks to inspire your customers to buy. Plus size does not mean minus style! Complete styling with thoughtfully chosen accessories to boost your incremental sales, too.

Solid color basics always have a place in fashion but don't limit your store choices for the size 14 or larger crowd.  Check out these plus size outfit ideas are taken directly from the runway.

Just What Is 'Plus Size' Anyway?

Many manufacturers now offer lines in inclusive sizes 0 to 32. Retail outlets, however, still cater to the so-called "straight sizes" with less than 5% offering clothing that fits two-thirds of the customers. 

Plus sizes begin at size 14 or larger, although different retailers may begin restricting style selections at size 10! You can avoid this trap by injecting color, trends, and excitement regardless of your customers hip measurement.

Plus Size Outfit Ideas With Color

According to the Pantone Fashion Color Trends report for 2020, look for bold and strong colors in the Fall/Winter palette. Solid black, navy and brown classics are typical plus-size offerings, but punch things up with Chili Pepper Red, Dark Cheddar or Bluestone. 

Instead of an icy white, try choosing an warm and flattering pale peach or elegant cream this year. New York Fashion Week will be full of colors like Guacamole, Orange Tiger, or Paloma Gray.  Display eye-catching color and touchable textures to drive sales.

Fabrics for the New Season

Double-knit polyester stretch is no longer the fabric of choice for sizes 14 and up. (If it really ever was...) The buzzword is "sustainable". Thoughtfully sourced, low-impact, natural fiber fabrics are high on everyone's list. 

Consider new color ways for denim. A basic jean never goes out of style, but a well-fitting, on-trend pair of jeans is a must-have. Especially in every possible color and wash! Don't forget denim tops, bags and accessories too. 

Leather looks are also big in more ways than one. The right shoe is essential for proportion and balance in an outfit. 90's favorite Steve Madden-style chunky heels add the right amount of style and function to outfits. 

Key Piece Collections 

Make your first look all about denim. The right denim jean is always a classic, add T-shirts in solids and stripes, v-neck, boat neck, and crew! Fall and winter layering call for coordinating sweaters, sweatshirts or maybe a vintage motorcycle jacket.

Look for pieces with a bit of wear and character. Sharp creases and waxy finishes are too fussy for this season. Finish the look with French-inspired bangles, scarf, and catch-all handbag.

Dress up this look for outfit #2. Swap out your denim for a plush wool trouser in Orange Tiger or Galaxy Blue. Add on a bow-tie blouse for a surprising career look. A sharp blazer ties it all together.

Dresses for the Weather

On the dressy side, summer's boho-chic moves into sleeker fall looks. Summer's hot and sticky weather may drag on through the season, so the loose cotton prints and romantic embroidery will continue to flourish. For the third look, try layered skirts with capris peeping out and double layer blouse combos.

The linebacker-worthy shoulder pads of the 90's have not made an appearance, but expect to see a little more structure and shape. Tailored lines and button details never go out of fashion, fall and winter seem to favor them. Accessorize a tailored business outfit with a smart shoulder bag.

You can't go wrong with a scarf-accented push lock bag for good looks and function. Show bold accents that fly off the shelves. 

Resort Wear

Sun or ski season, pick sporty outfits with an eye to fit and fabric. This season is less about lounging and more about moving. Even the humble yoga pant finds itself with contrasting piping or a bit of flare. Complete the outfit with a coordinating bandanna or baseball cap for effortless chic.

Plus size swimsuit trends include vintage-inspired two-piece glamour suits, sporty tankinis and plunge one-piece swimwear. Why confine choices to black or navy? Choose fun prints, lingerie-like details, or even built-in shapewear in your stock selections.

Evening Shine

Black is always a popular evening choice, but warm metallics, peachy tones, and darker neutrals lend themselves to festive occasions. Look for body-skimming jumpsuits and dramatic capes for a surprise factor. Vintage-inspired hair accessories and bold 70's geometric-shaped shoes complete the outfit.

Add romance to the evening with lingerie looks. For too long, plus size outfit ideas ignored the sexier side of things. We offer lace-trimmed bodysuits for light shaping and a subtle sexy shine underneath clothing.

Plus size nightwear used to be something made cheaply- or worse, ugly. Change that up by showing body-conscious lingerie made for women's bodies. Go ahead and show luxe panties and bras with barely-there kimonos. Accent the looks with sky-high heels and jewels.

Wholesale Fashion Trends That Sell

Reach the majority of women in the U.S. with on-trend outfits that fit. Customers wearing sizes larger than 14 struggle daily to find high-quality clothing that fits. Show put-together plus size outfit ideas to inspire your customers.

Stylish, fashionable clothing with a clear connection to contemporary looks sell rapidly. Eye-catching displays and frequent rotations keep up the interest. With the wide-open market of plus size fashion, the right wholesale selection can keep your customers coming in and filling their closets.

To learn more about our wholesale program, contact us today. We can help you with everything from Accessories to Evening Gowns and anything in between. Ask us about our always trendy wholesale packages and our full range of plus sizes, too.

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