8 Secrets to Writing Fashion Product Descriptions That Convert

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Without great fashion product descriptions, it can be difficult to sell your items. The number one rule to selling anything online is to write killer product descriptions (in addition to having a quality wholesale fashion supplier, of course).

However, writing product descriptions isn't as simple as throwing some enticing words together to emphasize the use and quality of your fashionable products. Instead, there are various things you need to take into consideration when writing your product descriptions to ensure that they entice, captivate and sell to your target audience rather effortlessly.

Focus On Your Ideal Buyer

Without knowing who your buyer is, you are unable to provide them with an engaging product description that appeals to them specifically. So, if you don’t know who you’re writing your product descriptions for, don’t start writing. Instead, take time to determine who your ideal buyer is. This will allow you to cater your product descriptions to customers who are likely to buy.

Make Your Customers Laugh

Consider adding some humor into your product description. Having the ability to make your potential customers laugh and smile helps create a bond that keeps them coming back.

Though, this tip for writing converting product descriptions does need to be done carefully, as there is a fine line between innocent humor and offensive, tacky and over-the-line humor.

How to write product descriptions, writing product descriptions, tips for writing fashion product descriptions, fashion wholesale, fashion supplier, wholesale fashion, clothing wholesale, clothing supplier, wholesale clothing supplier, tips for online businesses, tips for online fashion store,

Use the Right Vocabulary

You must make sure that you are using words that relate to your ideal buyer. For example, you wouldn't want to use slang words such as, "Bae” or “Slay” to sell formal wholesale clothing, nor would you use these words to sell to a fancy, elegant store owner looking for a new wholesale supplier.

However, when used properly, slang can work wonders, particularly when addressing a younger crowd. So, remember to speak to your ideal customer within the product descriptions in the same way that you would speak to them if they were to walk into your storefront.

Entice with Sensory Words

Once you have determined who your ideal customers are and the type of vocabulary that appeals to them, it’s time to start brainstorming some sensory words. A great product description will always be infused with words that speak to the five senses – sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch.

For example, that “lightweight sheer dress that flows flawlessly through the floral scents of summer” sounds much more appealing than, "a soft summer dress". So, channel your seductive sensory side and select words that people will automatically be gravitating towards due to their senses.

Emphasize The Benefits

Every product description should highlight the benefits your customers will receive from your product. For example, lace is great for lightweight fashion; knit is great for warmth during the winter; business-casual dresses can be worn from the boardroom to the bar, etc.

So, always explain the benefits to your audience and how your wholesale clothing is going to improve their lives. Focus the benefits on the interests, curiosities and concerns your target audience has, and let your product description inform the customer of why they can't live without your product.

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Forbid Old- Car-Salesman Tactics

Any and all typical sales phrases, such as "You have to have it!" or, "Amazing product quality!" should be avoided, as they tend to do the opposite of what you want. Instead, entice your customers with a saying you created or had created for your specific brand. Coin a phrase and let that phrase be your main selling-feature.

Customers will see your opening line and instantly associate it back with a commercial that made them laugh, or a dress they loved; an amazing first date or a song in time.

So, channel your inner creativity and create your own one-liners. The secret is to be personal, honest and creative.

Keep It Short and Sweet

Now comes the hard part. You need to be able to put all of what was mentioned into a short and sweet product description. People don't want to read a novel when it comes to product descriptions, unless it’s absolutely necessary for them to understand the product.

So, it is imperative that you keep them as short and precise as possible while still infusing them with humor, sensory words, benefits, and branded sayings. It’s no easy feat and hiring a professional freelance writer may be the best option for you.

Every Product Description Must Have SEO

As am online fashion boutique, you want to do more than just sell to your current customers; you want to attract new customers and increase your sales. If you aren’t infusing your product descriptions with keywords and SEO tactics, this can be difficult to do, if not impossible.  

With the use of proper SEO tactics in your product descriptions, you can begin to increase your organic presence in search engines. So, when a customer searches Google for something such as wholesale clothing supplier or online fashion boutique supplier, you will appear in the list.

But why is this so important? A mere 1% of people click past the first page of search engine results. Without SEO, you’ll likely never appear on the first page. The only other way to generate new leads is through word-of-mouth, paid marketing, advertisements and other costly tactics.

And since you have to write your product descriptions anyway, you might as well make sure they’re written in favor of Google’s algorithm. Again, hiring an SEO specialist for online businesses may be the best option.

Final Thoughts

Although product descriptions may only be a collection of short sentences and bullet points that emphasize the benefits, they have the power to convince a customer to click on that “add to cart” button.

So, before you start investing in all types of marketing for your online clothing business, go over your product descriptions. A poorly written product description can drive away even the most-likely to buy customers.

If you find yourself struggling to find the words to describe the fashion you offer on your website, perhaps the problem isn’t the writer but rather, the clothing. Consider updating your collection with high quality clothing wholesale suppliers, such as Mikaree. We are your #1 wholesale fashion company for everything trending.


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