Checklist To Launching Your Own eCommerce Fashion Store

Launching your own eCommerce fashion store is actually much easier than you may have anticipated. It’s running the store and finding quality clothing suppliers that are usually the tricky part but we’ll get to that! First, let’s go over the essential steps to starting your own eCommerce store properly so you can run it successfully.

 How to Start Your Own Fashion Store in 6 Steps

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Step 1: Get a Catchy Domain

The first step is to make sure you have a website! While some shop systems do provide you with a link to your eCommerce store, it’ll appear significantly more professional if you have your own domain. So, brainstorm some catchy fashion store names and then get a domain.

Step 2: Open an Account

You need to know where you want to sell - and by that, we mean: which shop system will you be using. There are a lot of providers and finding one that suits your needs best is important - switching later on is significantly more work than doing a little research early on! Some good and popular ones are WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento or Wordpress (even though they started out as blog providers).

You then sign up for an account and work your way through the setting sections. This is where you’ll find everything from how to link your new clothing store to your domain (that you already have secured) to choosing shipping prices and zones, and everything in between.

Step 3: Design your Store

Once you have the fine details of your particular shop system figured out, it’s time to move onto the fun stuff like designing your store. The good news? Most often this is simple and will only involve a couple of clicks and drag-and-drop. Compare that to 10 years ago...

Step 4: Customize Your Design to Fit your Brand

It’s highly recommended to get a professional design for your store. In Shopify for example, you can purchase a Shopify theme and then customize it, so your fashion store doesn’t look like everyone else’s. These themes do come with a price but nothing drastic or near as expensive as it would be if you hired a designer – and it’s totally worth it, as you can brand your online store.

Step 5: Find a Clothing Supplier

You’ve hopefully thought about the type of products you’d like to sell before choosing your store name and setting a theme as both should match the products you want to sell and your target audience. Now, it’s time for you to narrow in on finding those products.

This can be the most exhausting task of all, especially if you don’t already have some clothing suppliers in mind that you know are high quality, reliable, and worthy of your dollar and your customers. Fortunately, Mikaree has a vast collection of wholesale clothing – we’ve taken the hard work out of the equation and put great effort in keeping up-to-date with any and all the latest trends. Everything we sell is in-line with what's hot right now.

So, head on over to our wholesale clothing section, register an account and start filling your eCommerce fashion store with trendy items that match your target audience.

Step 6: Add Products to your Online Store

Once you have some products in mind, it’s time to add them to your online fashion store. This step does require a little more attention than the other steps, as it’s your product pages that are going to sell the products. So, make sure you work through each product description thoroughly as you add the products to your online fashion store.

Add detailed photos that show the product, add to relevant collections, add a price and different variations of the product and most importantly, set up your sales channels. You can now link your wholesale clothing products right to platforms, such as Facebook which allows your customers to purchase right from your social media.

And that’s it! You now have your online store set up, styled, branded and filled with products from a quality wholesale fashion company. The next step is to market, which we have addressed in a separate checklist on how to start your own fashion store.


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