Color Splash! 10 Hottest Summer Outfits of the Year

Inspiring outfit ideas lead to big sales. Give your customers something to look forward to with these exciting ideas for summer outfits.

Hot dang! Summer is in full gear, which means steamy weather, sunshine, and cute summer outfits.

This summer the latest trends involve taking new risks and mixing up styles never before seen. Help your customers stay stylish this summer with these eye-catching outfits. Get ready for a fun, flirty, rockstar start with these summer outfits of 2019!

Make It a Summer to Remember

Summertime is filled with long nights by the fire, days on the beach, and weekends tearing up the town with friends. It's the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and try something new.

If you want to help your customers turn heads this summer, then fill your store with one of these mix-and-match styles that take your favorite trends and put them together.

This year we're seeing new takes on classic staple clothing pieces. Whether its boldly printed pants or white linen layers, your customers are going love trying out these new trends.

1. Combat Boots

Want to feel super girly, but a little naughty too? Wearing your combat boots with an extra frilly dress is the latest style. This combination is both comfortable in the high temps but also a cool  90's throwback.

You can try a similar look with a flowy dress or skirt and some ankle boots. Snag a classic jean jacket for cooler evenings. This can tone down a super fancy dress for a hip night out with friends.

2. Grunge Glam

You don't have to match your heels with a dress anymore. This season, dress down your fanciest top and shoes with some ripped jeans. This combination is a little grunge without being messy. 

Try it out with some high waisted jeans and pair with a structured blazer. You can have the best of both worlds with this casual yet classy look. It's great for when you want to keep things laid back, but still, rock those pumps!

3. Who's That Skirt?

This summer add a new skirt style to your collection. There are so many to choose from! Whether it's a flowy skater skirt, professional pencil skirt, flattering A-line, or comfy jean skirt, you can find this go-to fashion staple in bold colors and bright florals this season.

Just be sure to choose a top that compliments your skirt. If your skirt is brightly patterned, then let it be the centerpiece. Choose a more muted top and simple accessories. 

If you're feeling daring, you can try mixing prints together! Or you can go rocker with a suede skirt. We've seen this paired with a band tee. It's the perfect outfit for your next summer rock concert. 

4. Bell Sleeve Peasant Shirt

Your customers are really going to be feeling the summer vibes wearing a bell sleeve peasant shirt that has a Bardot neckline. Peasant shirts usually come in lightweight cotton that will keep you cool all summer long. 

You can find ones in a fresh white to show off that tan. They also come with beautiful floral embroidery designs. Pair it with some comfy ripped jean shorts and a wide-brimmed sunhat to protect you from those harsh UV rays. It's both a popular and stunning look right now!

5. Get Off Those Shoulders

One of the latest trends women are looking for this summer is the off-the-shoulder neckline for both dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers. It's a super flirty and comfortable look for strolling the shoreline. 

Your customers will love searching through a variety of bold patterns, colors, and florals. These funky fabrics are best paired with a simple purse or clutch in a muted color. Find the perfect minis to keep them strutting their stuff all summer.

6. Take It to the Maxi

You can't have an epic summer without a good maxi dress. These long flowing silhouettes are the quintessential piece for a beachside, resort vacation. They're comfortable and fancy enough for day or night.

Your customers will go wild for some tribal patterns and other bold colors. Make sure they can accessorize with some large sunglasses and bangles. 

7. Printed Trousers

Stock up on a variety of printed trouser for your fashion-forward customers. These are not only extra comfortable to wear because of the flowing material, but they are also very trendy.

It's fun to get a variety of summery looks with this simple trend by pairing them with crop tops or a simple blouse. Throw on some sandals and sunglasses to complete the look. Your customers will be effortlessly stylish with these printed trousers to flatter their lower half.

8. Jump Into Summer

One of the latest trends this summer are these all in one jumpsuit outfits. It's easy to get going in the morning with this piece of clothing. Find small patterns in cozy materials with a variety of accessories to make the outfit pop. 

Muted tones can work well, then pair this jumpsuit with a brightly colored clutch or pumps for a dinner out.

9. Layer Player

Stock up on your layers this summer so your customers can mix and match to perfection. This summer, layering vests and long airy maxi cardigans help your ladies take outfits from day to night with ease.

You can also find fashion icons layering linen buttoned-down shirts with dresses and skirts. Give them a variety of options and patterns to complete the perfect layered combo.

10. Suit Yourself

Sporty ladies are going to love this new trend of wearing your bathing suit as a top. Pair a bright bathing suit with a muted high waisted skirt or try it out with some culottes or other wide-legged trousers. You can take this look from the beach to a night on the town.

You can also find women combining their athletic tops with all kinds of skirts. This combination is both comfortable and practical. You'll stay cool and fashionable throughout the day.

Hot Summer Outfits for Your Store

Share these hot summer outfits in your store! Your customers are going to love mixing and matching their favorite patterns and layers together. Help them accessorize and stylize their wardrobe this summer!

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