Everything You Need To Know About This Year's Shoe Trends

Want to look good from head to toe? Then check out this year's hottest shoe trends!

The weather might not be cooperating all the time, but it's officially springtime! That means it's about time to dust off your sandals, put away the boots, and start thinking about what your spring and summertime footwear is going to look like.

Need a little inspiration? If you want to be on trend, there have been a lot of interesting things happening on runways this season. Most of them are sure to make their way to stores near you.

We've rounded up eight of what we think will be the biggest shoe trends this year. Read on to discover what you'll be stepping out in!


That's right -- the shoe that everyone loves to hate is making a comeback. People who can't walk in stiletto heels...rejoice.

Wedges have been all over runways in a variety of different styles. Whether you want to go for a look you can wear to work or a shoe that will pair well with a little black dress, you can find a wedge to go with it.

It's not quite a heel, but it will elevate your look.

Woven Sandals

Looking for a cute shoe to wear from the beach to a breezy lunch? Look no further than woven sandals.

The south of Spain made espadrilles popular, and a lot of espadrilles are still manufactured there. Even though they fell out of style in the United States for a while, expect them to be back in force in 2019.

Espadrilles usually have a canvas top and a woven sole, which automatically makes you look like you've just come from the beach. They can be either flat or heeled. Grab a pair of woven wedges to combine two shoe styles this year!


Yes, you read that right. Flip-flops are coming back in style this year.

Let's be clear, though - we don't mean the plastic flip-flops that you would wear in the shower at summer camp. The new shoes that are coming on the market this year take the style to a whole new level.

It's a simple shoe style that's been dressed up a bit by designers like Michael Kors. They're still easy to slide on and dash out the door, so perfect for those of us who go for comfort and ease above everything. But with the right pair, they can be a nice addition to a casual outfit.

Ballet Shoes

Don't think of these as the ballet flats that took over in the early 2010s. While those are clearly still around - and a good option to have in your wardrobe -- this year, the trend is to do even more with the ballet shoe style.

We've seen low heels on a ballet style on a few runways, even ballet slides to get some more air circulating around your feet. These shoes would go well with skinny leg jeans or a flowy skirt.

If you want to be really on trend, snag a pair of white ballet shoes. There will probably be no shortage of colors to choose from, though, mostly due to our next trend.

Bright Colors

Who said shoes have to be a neutral color? Have fun with your fashion this season! Bright colors are officially in.

Whether you're going for a vibrant orange or bright pink, the shoes this year will be adding a pop of color to all of our outfits. That does mean that you'll have to work a little harder to make sure that nothing is clashing -- it's probably not the best idea to wear shoes that will look awful with the shorts or pants you choose.

Still, the more color combinations, the better. This promises a lot of ways to mix and match this season.

Platform Shoes

If you want to add a bit of height to your life but are terrible at walking in heels, platform shoes are here to save the day for you this year.

Instead of giving the shoe a high heel, which would put your foot at an angle, platform shoes just lift the entire sole off the ground. You feel like you're walking in flats, just two inches higher off the ground.

These are comfy enough to wear for long days of walking around the new city you're vacationing in and stylish enough to pair with a variety of different outfits. The bottoms of the shoes can be made out of a lot of different materials, so switch it up depending on your outing.

Hiking Sandals

Chacos, Tevas, Birkenstocks, Jesus sandals...whatever the brand and whatever you call them, you can expect them to be in style (as usual) this summer.

These shoes will hold up to whatever tests you put them through, whether you're hiking in Arizona or just making a run to the grocery store. Because there are a variety of shoes that are "similar but different" you can go super sporty -- like Chacos -- or a bit more casual, like Birkenstocks.

Whatever you choose, you can wear them proudly and know that you're in style for the year.

Toe Loop Sandals

Finally, toe loop sandals are back as one of the biggest shoe trends of 2019!

Think of the toe loop as a touch of decoration. We don't wear toe rings anymore - or if people are wearing them still, no one told us - but the toe loop is this year's stylish substitute.

These can be both flat and heeled shoes, so you can choose whichever style you're feeling that day. These sandals look especially great with skirts, but you can pair them with anything and they'll look fantastic!

Know Your Shoe Trends

You can never have too many shoes. If you want to stay on top of the 2019 shoe trends, we won't tell anyone if you decide to stock up on a new pair or two...or six.

After all, the rest of your wardrobe has a wide variety of styles in it. Why shouldn't your shoes, too?

Ready to find the summer shoe that you'll be living in this year? Look no further. Check out our collection to find your new favorite trendy shoe.

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