Feelin' Extra: The Best Plus-Size Swimwear Styles of 2019

Are you looking for some of the best plus-size swimwear on the market right now? What is flattering, cute, and perfect for your shape? Check out these styles!

If you're a plus size woman, the idea of shopping for a new swimsuit might bring on overwhelming feelings of anxiety and apprehension. There's no denying that most plus sized women have had awful experiences looking for a swimsuit. Often stores don't sell plus size swimsuits and if they do, the selection is usually awful.

That's why many plus size women have turned to online retailers for their swimsuit needs. More sizes and more styles are available. And having the swimsuit delivered right to your door means you can try it on in the comfort of your bedroom instead of in an awful fitting room.

But even with the convenience and selection available from online retailers, picking the right swimsuit for your body can still be intimidating. Should you stick to a one piece or flaunt what you've got in a bikini? Which style will best flatter your awesome figure? 

Lucky for you, we've put together this guide to the best plus size swimwear styles out there. Read on to find out which swimsuit will work best for you.

Secrets for Finding the Best Plus Size One-Piece Swimsuit

For years, basic, boring one-piece swimsuits were touted as the only acceptable swimwear for plus size ladies. They hid the "problem areas" like ample tummies and bootylicious bums that plus size women weren't supposed to show. Luckily, in recent years this kind of fatphobic rhetoric has been challenged. So, plus size ladies everywhere are leaving the one-piece swimsuit behind in favor of tankinis and bikinis.

But ditching the one-piece swimsuit altogether might be a mistake. The one-piece swimsuits of today are nowhere near as boring or basic as their predecessors. In fact, there are tons of sexy and interesting one-piece suits available that flatter all kinds of bodies.

How Much Do You Want to Show?

To start your search for the perfect one-piece, decide how much skin you want to show, which parts of your banging body you want the suit to highlight, and which parts you'd be more comfortable covering up. Let's be clear, you should never feel like you have to hide any part of your body when wearing a swimsuit. But deciding what you're comfortable with showing will help you feel more confident once you hit the beach or the pool.

If your bust is your best asset and you're willing to show off a fair bit of skin, consider a one-piece with a plunging neckline. One-pieces like these provide enough coverage for your tummy and butt while allowing you to flaunt your chest. If you'd like some more coverage, but you want your swimsuit to stand out, consider getting a one-piece with some ruffled accents. If you're comfortable showing off some skin around your middle, consider a one-piece that has cutouts on the side or around the middle. This style can give the look of a bikini without the commitment to a two-piece style.

Also, consider the shape you're looking to create. Ruffles and patterns up top distract from the waist and hips, while a halter neckline and detail around the waist can create a stunning hourglass shape. 

The bottom line is whatever style makes you feel good about yourself and your amazing body is the right style for you.

Secrets to Finding the Best Plus Size Bikini

Plus size women have long been discouraged from wearing two-piece swimsuits, but luckily that nonsense is a thing of the past. These days there is a multitude of two-piece suits that flatter every plus-sized body, regardless of shape or size. 

When choosing a two-piece suit that works for your body, the first thing to figure out is exactly how much tummy you want to show. With any bikini, there's going to be tummy showing, but the variety of bikini styles available today means you get to decide how much tummy is on display.

If You Want Some Tummy Coverage

One way to minimize the amount of tummy on display is to go with a high waisted bottom. High waisted bottoms come up above the hips, concealing the lower belly area. High waisted bottoms also have the effect of creating an hourglass shape by drawing the eye away from the hips and toward the waist. If you've got some kicking curves, high waisted bottoms paired with a cute bikini top are an excellent choice.

Another way to minimize the amount of tummy you're showing in your bikini is to choose a bikini top that provides a little more coverage. You could go for a crop top tank style bikini top, which comes down to about the edge of your ribs instead of right below your bust. This style has the added benefit of creating an hourglass figure by drawing attention to your waist instead of your hips. If you're feeling funky, you can choose a wrap style bikini top, which creates a little peekaboo of skin below your chest but keeps your tummy under wraps.

What do You Want to Flaunt?

When choosing a bikini it's important to think about what part of your body the swimsuit draws attention to. If you want all eyes on your superb bust instead of your tummy or hips, choose a bikini top that's a little different. Maybe a strappy top or a top with an interesting design

If you're feeling confident and you want to show off all of your kicking curves, don't be afraid to wear a traditional bikini in any pattern you love. You should never feel like you have to hide any part of your body when you're headed to the beach. Every body is a beach body, including your body!

Choosing the Best Plus Size Swimwear for You

The most important thing to consider when choosing a plus size swimsuit is how you're going to feel in the swimsuit. Too often the focus is on how you're going to look, and while this is a piece of the puzzle, it's not the whole picture. The swimsuit you choose, regardless of the style, should make you feel like you're the hottest babe on the beach.

Being plus sized shouldn't hold you back from showing off your awesome body the same way other women do. But if you're trying to achieve that by buying a swimsuit that leaves you feeling too exposed or uncomfortable, you'll be too distracted to strut your stuff. The best plus size swimwear for you is the swimwear that makes you happy.

To find the perfect swimsuit for all this season's beach trips, check out our site!

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