Go Bold and Retro for Hot 2018 Summer Fashion Trends

World politics and the environment may have people in the doldrums but as is often the case you can count of the fashion gods for a pick me up. If there is one thing that has to be said about 2018's fashion trends it is they are anything but depressing. Bright and bold seems to be the unifying color schemes of the season and retro textures seem to be the watchword for this summer's styles.

The weather may be heating up but it is nothing compared to what is coming out of the designer shops around the world. At first glance, there are a lot of looks that may seem very familiar but don't be fooled.

Classic Cuts

It seems that the designer houses have been taking a stroll down Memory Lane this year. Perhaps in an attempt to shake us all out our melancholy moods, they decided to dust off some of their basics from happier days.

Jacketed skirt suites, ala Nancy Reagan, are very much in style as are 70's puff sleeves and simple sheaves reminiscent of Jackie O. Conservative lines though are where that trend ends.

High Contrast

Take those same samples from simpler times and dress them up with feathers or mooch fur to make them pop and you will be heading in the right direction. Beading, embroidery, contrasting weaves, it just doesn't seem that you can create too much textural contrast to be in style.

The contrast in fashion though never ends with just the feel or texture of the clothes. Lay on some bright and bold checks to create looks that will grab attention on the street, in the club or make your office mates drool with envy.

All about the Colors

If you think the textures this season are eye-popping get ready to break out the shades. Whether your personal style runs more to micro-minis, power shorts or long blazers and granny skirts you will be the fashionista of your circle if they are in stunning primary colors.

The one trend that Paris, New York, Milan and the rest of the fashion world all agree on for the 2018 summer season is that bold is beautiful. Every bright vibrant color of the rainbow is on the runways this year and even the pastels are being flaunted in bold contrast pairings to make them jump.

If you wanted a soundtrack to explain this summer's hottest fashion trends then Bobby McFerrin's "Don't Worry Be Happy" would be number one on the playlist. Go bright, go bold, and go big. Put a smile on your face and show the world that you can roll with the punches, help create a brighter world and look marvelous doing it.

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