Here for a Long Time and a Good Time: 7 Timeless Clothing Pieces Every Fashion Store Must Sell

Trends are fun but a business shouldn't be dependent on fads. Selling classic, timeless fashion can help make your brand last longer. Here are the top pieces.

'Fashions fade, style is eternal,' said the designer, Yves Saint Laurent. No closet is ever going to be complete without a few, stylish classics. They're the life-savers every woman needs for those, 'What shall I wear?' moments.

Keeping up with the latest fads can feel like chasing rainbows. Think of classic clothing as the backbone of your business. When orange becomes the new black, these seven timeless fashion pieces will still be holding their own.

1. A Little Black Dress 

First in line is our faithful friend, the iconic little black dress. Over the years, it's become known as the LBD. The classic version was introduced by Coco Chanel back in the 1920s.

Vogue had the foresight to predict that it would become 'a sort of uniform for all women of taste'. Audrey Hepburn made is famous in the movie, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's.' Princess Diana had a perfect off-the-shoulder number.

It's become a golden rule in the world of fashion that every woman should own a simple, elegant black dress. Having one just feels right. It's a little like a security blanket.

Ideal for Any Occasion

The secret lies in its versatility because a woman can dress up or down with their LBD, depending on the occasion. The LBD is one of those ideal 'when in doubt' pieces of clothing. It's always going to look classic, sharp, and fashionable.

Go for knee-length or shorter. That means it can be worn with a pair of party heels for a special occasion, or with a cardigan and flats for the office. A classic shape will mean the dress fits closely all the way down the body.

Select a season-less fabric such as lightweight wool, silk, or synthetic blend. A little black dress also creates a minimal amount of fuss. It allows the person wearing it to give their look personality with their choice of shoes and essential accessories.

2. Forever in Blue Jeans

No wardrobe could ever be complete without a trusted pair of jeans

A classic style and color are the secrets here. The jeans should be a rich, dark blue color. They can then be worn to look casual or smart by adding a stripey long-sleeved t-shirt or an elegant white blouse.

The darker color also means they're less likely to stain so easily. A classic style will be less trend-focused. That brings a certain, eternal truth to the Neil Diamond classic hit, 'Forever in blue jeans.' 

3. Classic Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have never gone out of style. They allow a girl to step out with confidence whatever the occasion. They can also add a splash of color and glamour to an outfit.

A plain dark shade of suede can give a formal and business style to a person's look. Smart and classy, they're great for any occasion. 

For almost two centuries now, the Chelsea boot has become a true style icon. This legendary footwear began being marketed with the name Chelsea boot in the 1950s and '60s.

This is when they became popular in the UK and were associated with London's King's Road in Chelsea. They were worn by everyone from the Rolling Stones and the Beatles to Jean Shrimpton. 

4. A Black Leather Jacket

This could be one of the biggest wardrobe investments a woman ever makes. It could also be their best. 

A cool black leather jacket is the ultimate closet hero. It sharpens up a white t-shirt and jeans. It can also be used to dress down with a smart slip dress for some rock-chick chic. 

It'll always make a woman look cool, and it can be slipped on and off all year round. This edgy wardrobe staple has never gone out of style. 

5. A Plain White T-Shirt

There is nothing quite as versatile as this classic all-rounder. It works with a pair of jeans, a fancy skirt, or an elegant slip dress. It should always be kept fresh and pressed. 

Go for a classic cut and good quality cotton. A fine knit means the t-shirt will stay in shape for longer. 

Every woman will want to invest in a few of these so they know there's always something they can pull out of the closet if all else fails. A little spandex can also help to show off curves and body shape. 

A t-shirt can be worn with a scarf and sunglasses or a girl can dress it up with a statement necklace and blazer for the office.

6. A Blazer

The versatility of a blazer is unmatched. It can be worn with jeans and heels for nights out with friends. It can also be used to tone down a cocktail dress. Thanks to their classic cut, blazers are also flattering for almost any figure.

A basic, black blazer is a must-have for any closet. It doesn't matter if a woman works in an office or is a stay-at-home Mom. Wearing a blazer is the quickest way to look efficient and polished.

The length should just hit the hip. Longer blazers may be trendier, but they can also give the appearance of shorter legs. Shorter blazers can be playful but they aren’t as universally flattering as a hip-length style.

7. A Tailored Button-Up

Women need to be careful when choosing button-up shirts. They need to be very well-tailored. There are few clothing pieces that look as classic when paired with jeans or a skirt.

They also make great layering pieces under sweaters, boosting wardrobe options. A white button-up is the most classic, but neutral patterns and colors work well too.

Curved hems are the features that make for the most flattering cut. Sleeves need to be full-length so that the shirt can be worn as it is or cuffed at the elbow.

A classic, white button-up shirt is an eternal must-have for almost any occasion. It's a great 'blank canvas' onto which statement jewelry can be added for a weekend break away or a romantic evening night out.

Stick to Timeless Fashion

There are certain timeless fashion pieces every woman needs in her wardrobe. We've selected seven classics every clothing store should stock. Think of them as the key building blocks for your business.

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