Ready for Autumn? Plan Ahead with These Fall Fashion Trends!

Now that summer is in full swing, it's time to plan for fall! Stay ahead of the game with these exciting fall fashion trends for 2019.

Calling all fashionistas!

We know you're in the full swing of summer — rocking tie-dye, athleisure wear, worn-out Chucks, and all the animal prints. It's been a great summer for eclectic fashion that still feels like home.

Designers dipped their toes in the 70s and freshened the looks up with a modern twist. They made non-matching prints somehow look pulled together. And let's not forget all the feathers and neon.

The good news is you still have a few months (if you stretch it out!) to honor these styles. But now is also the perfect time to start curating your autumn wardrobe with some great fall fashion trends.

The other slice of good news?

You may be able to recycle some of that summer wear, as we're seeing many of the same looks on the runway — with some updates.

If you want to get official about it, you've got until September 23 before the fall season really falls on our laps. Here's what you'll need in your closet for these upcoming months!

Your Primary Colors

Too often, people retire their fun colors of summer and trade them in for neutral (read: boring) colors. While we love the classic hues of brown, beige, maroon, and the like, this fall is not the season for that!

2019 is bringing with it some exciting new revolutions. Shake off your pre-winter blues by adding some bright pops of color.

On the runways, we saw a plethora of neon. Neon greens, yellows, pinks — you name it. Be brave and rock a head-to-toe outfit with your favorite shade. Or keep the entire outfit neutral, but let those shoes pop.

Another color that appeared often?

Purple — and all its many varieties. From light lavender to moody grape, purple was everywhere. And because of its versatility, it looks appropriate anywhere — a party, to work, to your little cousin's graduation ceremony.

And last but not least. Why save gold for the winter months? We usually see golds, silvers, and other metallic hues around Christmastime. 

This year, the designers are getting a head-start on us. Gold was everywhere — shiny gold, lacy gold, muted gold. It doesn't matter, as long as it's somewhere. 

If you're not yet comfortable rocking a gold peacoat, keep your outfit casual and pair it with some statement shoes. 

And speaking of statements. . . What statements can you make beyond your color scheme? Here are some great looks that got covered often.

Statement Pieces

Ever heard the phrase, "Good things come in small packages?" We saw that come true at this year's Paris Fashion Week — in the form of the world's (possibly) tiniest bag. 

The French label Jacquemus released a buzz-worthy statement piece: a purse so small it likely only fits one Airpod. No, really. These bags were so tiny that models were carrying them between their two fingertips!

This trend isn't exactly practical. But other designers caught on to the buzz and made it more so. Now, you can find itty-bitty bags everywhere, but they'll at least be large enough to house some money or a cellphone. 

Of course, if you're rocking a bag that tiny, you can still make statements elsewhere without it appearing overboard.

Other noteworthy pieces we see a lot of? Statement boots and hats. In the fall months, both of these things are necessary to keep you comfortable and fashionable.

So why not make a statement? You don't have to do as Rihanna did — rock a pair of short-shorts with (literally) thigh-high boots. However, we're taking a note from her this year and trying out the tall style. 

This look elongates your legs, makes people double-take, and looks fun and different. It also looks great with a long, cape-like coat.

We also love the variety of hats on the runway. We love wide-brimmed hats in beautiful shades, like rusty orange or wine red. We also saw some less traditional hats that offered funky shapes and eye-covering extras.

Last but not least, dust off your high-waisted pants from last year. They haven't gone out of style (yet). Pair these with anything on this list, and you'll look pulled together and you won't have to spend an arm and a leg.

Old-School Updates

We mentioned that designers are updating looks from our past — a blast-off from the past if you will. This can mean anything from popped shoulders to tweed and plaid patterns. It can also mean dark florals, feathery details, or lacy extras.

What goes around comes around — the tail swings the dog. If you've got any old-school looks in your closet, keep them around. Pair them with some updated classics, and you're in the clear.

We also saw a lot of power suits.

Get a slightly oversized suit and cinch it at the waist with a thin belt. Or get a perfectly-fitted, plaid suit, and wear it with some sky-high pumps. This androgynous look is super-hot this fall.

Don't be afraid to rock a padded shoulder or an all-tweed overcoat. If the thought of these things sounds intimidating, save them for a party or special event. We promise you'll feel confident in your 'fit!

Fall into Autumn with These Fall Fashion Trends!

We love summer, but talking about autumn has us excited. The deep, moody colors — juxtaposed with bright neons. Teeny tiny bags that are so impractical (and yet we can't resist them). 

The list goes on.

Shoppers are going to start looking out for these fall fashion trends now, so if you're in retail, get your shop prepared by getting ahead. Click here to see why you should make your wholesale order with us today!


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