Rocking Around the Christmas Tree in Style: Holiday Outfit Ideas

Good tidings are bound to happen when you kick start Christmas morning off with a boho outfit. Hopefully, you were good this year and your Santa was able to give you plenty of options to choose for your Christmas outfit but if you want to be sure you’re prepared for the big day, here are some awesome Christmas outfit ideas that are just as chic as they are comfy and seasonal. 

The Legging Look

There’s nothing better than a Christmas outfit idea that’s just as comfortable as the holiday you’re celebrating. As you gather around the Christmas tree with your loved ones, wearing fancy heels and a festive dress may not be your cup of cocoa. So, if you want to be cozy come Christmas morning, pull out the leggings. You simply can’t even go wrong with wearing leggings – whatever the occasion. Plus, you can do a whole lot with leggings, so this is a great place to start channeling your inner boho Christmas outfit ideas.

Pair your leggings with an oversized boyfriend hoodie or sweater and some over-the-knee socks, and you’re ready to rock around the Christmas tree in style.

Get Snowed-In with a Sweater Dress

For the boho ladies who want the comfort of leggings but want to wear something slightly more formal than a hoody, sweater dresses are for you. They feel like you’re wearing sweaters (because you are), only they look like you’re wearing a boho chic dress. Pair your sweater dress with some leggings and booties and you have a casual, comfy and chic Christmas ootd.

Party in Prints

Printed leggings can give you everything you need for a flawless and fabulous Christmas outfit idea. They’re literally like a party on your pants. You just have to think beyond the black and dip your boho soul into the prints. Plus, these leggings are at the top of the trend list and they are perfect for every lady with a passion for fashion. 

Good Tidings in Trousers

If you still don’t like the idea of kicking off the holidays in leggings and want to dive into further into your fashion diva soul, consider trending trousers. You’ll feel like pyjamas but make you look like a million bucks. Plus, they’re super bohemian. Printed palazzo pants have the ability to turn even the basic tees into a bohemian masterpiece.

Bells of Holy, What a Great Dress

Lastly, for the bohemian ladies who want to turn heads this holiday season, you can’t go wrong with a festive dress! Add some boho bell sleeves together with red fabric and you’re basically the epitome of Christmas outfit ideas.

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