Suited and Booted: 11 Must-Have Fall Fashion Boot Trends

Boots are cropping up everywhere all of the sudden and you'll want to stay ahead of the trends. Here are the top fall fashion boot trends to look out for.

The leaves are turning and the air is crisp- it's just the right time to kick off the flip flops and put on that favorite form of footwear: boots!

Whether you are revisiting some looks of yesteryear or checking out the newest items on the runways, here are eleven examples of the fall fashion boot that you need to check out. 

1. Sheepskin 

Take a note from ski bunnies who know how to keep their tootsies warm: shearling sheepskin is deliciously toasty for any fall or winter boot style. The designers are showing this look in both full length and short booties. Go with the natural tan tines, or dyed in a rainbow of colors.

2. Over-the-Knee

Flat or high heeled, over-the-knee- boots are super sexy. They are no longer only the purview of naughty ladies on 42nd street!

Paired with leggings, a short skirt or a tunic, they will take you straight from the office to a night out on the town.  

3. Combat Boots 

Combat boots never really go out of style, so you may just revive your Doc Martens from the 90's and be right back in fashion. On the other hand, with so many of this year's fashionistas boasting updated versions, why not invest in another pair... and another, and another.

Combat boots give a suit a sense of authority, but they go well with jeans and skirts too.

4. Crazy Colors 

No reason to stick with the same old blacks and browns in the winter of 2020.

Why not kick things up a notch with bold neons, cool greens, and wacky prints? We are seeing many designers send their models down the runway with eye-catching boots in a wide range of hues. 

5. Victorian Boots 

The dainty yet alluring style of the Victorian era is brought into the 21st century with ankle boots that lace up the calf and display the toes in a delicate point.  There was something so sexy about the Victorians, despite how they were so buttoned up! 

This versatile footwear works well with long flowing skirts, but they can also easily be worn with jeans, trousers, or even shorts with woolly tights.

Even a long dress that you might otherwise pair with fancy pumps can take on a whole new look when you wear it with short sexy lace-up ankle booties. 

6. Funky Heels 

Vogue is showing some very unusual heel shapes in their boots for Fall. Designers like Balenciaga and Chloé are showcasing chunky square-toed numbers with upside-down triangles or over-sized cubes as heels. To make the heels even more attention-grabbing, they may be in metallic or contrasting shades from the rest of the shoe. 

Heels no longer have to be high to be distinctive. Kitten heels can make low heeled styles look amazing, and a chunky one-inch height can look more modern than towering stilettos. 

7. Lug Soles 

Like combat boots, lug soled boots have a specific utility. This deeply grooved rubber bottomed shoe has been used by both men and women who need waterproof, non-slippery coverings for their feet. For work or play in harsh climates and conditions, lug soles have many practical uses.

However, they have been adopted by the fashionistas as well. Alexander McQueen has a high heeled lug soled boot that retails for over one thousand bucks! Lug soles have that unique, in-your-face quality that makes any outfit look fierce, whether you are in the tundra or on the catwalk.

8. Booties 

Ankle-skimming booties were all the rage this summer, in light earth tones like tan and white and worn under slip dresses or with shorts. Continue this fun fashion into the colder months, pairing booties with tights and long sweaters, or with a pair of skinny pants.

Booties come in every material and price range. You can have suede, leather and even "pleather" for you animal lovers. For fall, select rich brown, red and gold tones to bring out autumn's beauty.

9. Cut-Outs 

Summer booties often showed off toes and heels in fun cut-outs, which blurred the lines between boots and sandals. Why not carry on this innovation into the next season? 

Many pumps have adopted higher ankle straps and leg coverings, exposing toes but covering the bottom of the shin in fashion-forward ways. Adorned with zippers, ribbons and lace, black-tie booties with sexy cut-outs to display your pedicure will surely have everyone following your footsteps. 

You can even wear crazy-patterned socks or tights under your cut-out boots for a flash of fun! 

10. Vegan Leather 

Your clothing not only tells the world who you are, it can convey your principles- what you stand for! If avoiding animal-based clothing is important to you, you're lucky because this growing trend is being embraced by many shoppers like you. So there are numerous fashionable options for people who choose to wear vegan leather.

Pleather looks retro, so play up the sixties go go boot look and revel in cruelty-free dressing with style. 

11. Platforms 

Everyone from Stella McCartney to Saint Laurent is featuring super platforms in their boot styles for fall. Models in both ankle boots and tall boots are strutting their stuff with high chunky heels reminiscent of Elton John and Cher in the 70's! 

With a sturdier foundation than stilettos, platforms empower the wearer and allow you to keep on trucking down the street like Tony Manero in "Saturday Night Fever." You can even mix and match platforms with the other styles listed above: crazy colors and lace-up versions to look like the girls in HBO's "The Deuce!" 

The Fall Fashion Boot: So Many Ways to Stand Your Ground 

Your footwear is the foundation of every outfit. It must serve many functions, including being cute and keeping you comfortable through long days and crazy nights. 

Choose your fall fashion boot with care. Make sure it's comfortable and can go with the many different kinds of outfits you may wear, through occasions ranging from work to home to party.

Luckily, many of these styles are available in affordable prices, so you do not have to limit yourself to one pair per season! Indulge in a variety of fun footwear to keep you on your twinkle toes! 

For more fashion tips for any season, check out our blog.


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