The Top 10 Plus Size Fashion Trends For 2019

Plus size fashion just got bold. Check out the hottest plus size trends for 2019.

Does shopping for plus size clothing make you feel sick to your stomach?

You're not the only one who feels that way. In fact, Rebel Wilson said that she skipped a friend's wedding in her 20's because she didn't know where to buy a dress in her size!

But in 2019, fashion brands are jumping on board the curvy wagon. They know that plus-size fashion has come out of the shadows and women are ready to say "this is me!"

Which bold plus size fashion trends will you try in 2019? Read on for some fashion inspiration that will blow your socks off.

Are you ready? Let's Vogue!

Plus Size Fashion Trends for 2019

From girly florals to capes and biker shorts, plus size trends for 2019 are bold, bright, and beautiful. Read on for 10 plus size style tips that are New York Fashion Week approved.

1. Girly Florals

Floral patterns nearly always come around in the summer months, and this year is no exception. Floral wrap outfits and high waist dresses will flatter any shape.

Florals will continue as plus size fashion trends right into the winter months too. Instead of bright colors, deep blues and dark green floral prints will feature on winter dresses.

2. Fancy Prints

It's not only florals that are trending this year. Animal prints, such as snakeskin and leopard print has resurfaced.

Snakeskin is sassy and elegant, yet not as bold as leopard print. But leopard print is still an essential piece you should have in your wardrobe. IF you can pull it off!

If animal prints aren't your thing, why not try some funky tie-dye pieces instead? There are so many plus size fashion ideas that include tie-dye this year. You'll be spoilt for choice when picking outfits for festival season.

3. Color Splash

To reduce the appearance of one's size, curvy girls are constantly advised to wear muted or dark shades. But plus size fashion in 2019 is stepping out of the darkness. Vibrant hues are appearing everywhere in fashion pieces this year.

Brightly colored blouses, coats, pants, and shoes look amazing on a variety of body types. Deep cobalt blue, fuschia pinks, neon greens, and sunshine yellows have outdone pastels and neutrals this year.

4. The Great Gatsby

Take some plus size style tips from the Great Gatsby and try a fringe dress. This trend will have you shimmying around any glamorous event you attend in it.

But cut the sparkles and use fringe in everyday items too. For example, a fringe suede jacket or handbag. To stop it from looking like a cowboy cosplay, stick to one fringe piece and keep the rest of the outfit contemporary.

5. Grab Your Cape

Capes have been in and out of fashion for years. And they are back in plus size trends for 2019.

Not only do they keep your warm and cozy when it's cold. But they don't bulk you out too much like cumbersome jackets or oversized sweaters do.

If you don't believe it, take some plus size fashion ideas from Melissa Macarthy. Instead of a classic dress, she wore a jumpsuit with a cape at the Oscars. She owned the red carpet that night!

6. Knitting Patterns

Grab your knitting needles, crochet trends are back. But we're not talking about oversized, shapeless jumpers. Kimonos, tops, skirts, capes, and dresses all look perfect when lounging on the beach.

In fact, as well as tie-dye and tailored suits, crocheted clothing was one of the biggest trends in New York Fashion Week.

7. Jump on Board

Jump on board with jumpsuits!

This year, plain jumpsuits are out, and bold patterns are in. Geometric patterns, florals, and animal prints are all trending. These effortless outfits will make you look like a fashion blogger in your own right.

Wear them with wedges on a summers day. And pair them with a denim jacket on a cool summers evening.

8. Wrap Around

Wrap around shirts is one of the most flattering plus size fashion ideas of 2019. They hug your curves in the right way and still feel super comfortable.

Pair the wrap shirt with simple leggings or tight fitting jeans. Dress it up and dress down the versatile piece.

You can also buy wrap around dresses which are just as flattering. These plus size fashion pieces are key staples to your 2019 wardrobe.

9. Tailored Pants

Tailoring is everywhere in plus size fashion. Embrace the casual power suit look and try paper bag tapered trousers. They are ultra comfy, yet look super sharp.

When wearing tailored plus size fashion, try prints too. Checked and metallic prints give a futuristic feel to classy tailored pieces

10. Bold Biker

Biker shorts were all the rage in the 90s. But they are back with a vengeance in plus size fashion trends for 2019.

Pull off the chic look by adding an oversized blazer or denim jacket. Don't be afraid to try different fabrics too. Satin, lace, and spandex can show off your bodacious curves perfectly.

Plus Size Style Tips

Now you know all about the plus size trends for this year, follow these handy tips:

  • Emphasize your assets - Determine which part of your body you like the most, and work it!
  • Don't forget accessories - They will not draw more attention to your body, wear what you want.
  • Wear bright shoes - They will make you feel fabulous.
  • Choose the right underwear - Your underwear can make or break any outfit.
  • Get the right fit - Don't buy clothes two sizes too big to hide your curves, embrace them.
  • Play around with makeup and hair - You'll feel more confident if you do.

And last but not least, forget the dos and don'ts about plus size fashion. Wear something you feel sexy, sassy, and comfortable in. It really is up to you!

Be Bold, Bright, and Beautiful

Which plus size trends will you try this year? These plus size fashion trends for 2019 will show the world that you're proud of every curve in your beautiful body.

So be bold, bright, and grab your cape. Be the hero of your own story and inspire other curvy women to do the same.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our trendy range of plus size clothing here.


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