These Boots Were Made For Walking: Essential Fall Boot Trends Of 2019

If you are ready to start shopping for your fall wardrobe follow our guide to fall boot trends and make sure every outfit is complete to perfection.

Now that the temperatures are dropping and the sun's hiding more, it's time for a wardrobe change. Women are putting away their flip flops and sandals, and are looking for the perfect boots to wear this fall.

As an owner of a fashion store, you need to be there to cater to their needs. Wondering what the fall boot trends are for this year? Then keep reading! We'll give you the scoop on what you need to keep an eye out for.

Slouch Boots

Slouch boots are a great take on regular boots, as they have more texture on them. If you don't want something that's plain and boring, then this is it for you. Because they're so slouchy, these boots are great for casual outfits.

Pair slouch boots with some high waisted jeans and an oversized sweater. This will give you the perfect lazy look, but without venturing into the lazy side of things.

Another great thing about slouch boots is they come in different colors and materials. So you don't have to just pick one pair. Go crazy and fill your shoe closet with a few!

Knee-High Boots

The fall is the perfect time to bust out those knee-high boots. Whether you wear them with a cute dress or skinny jeans, they'll accentuate your legs; especially your calves.

If you pick a comfy material like suede, you'll never want to take them off. Swap your uncomfortable high heels for a pair of knee-high boots and you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner.

With some cozy knee-high boots on, you'll be able to walk miles without feeling tired. So not only will you look fashionable, but your feet will also feel amazing no matter how far you go.

Animal Print Boots

We know—animal print is usually seen as tacky, but hear us out. When tastefully done, taking a walk on the wild side can be quite chic!

The idea is to wear solid colors and keep the animal print to a minimum. For example, wear an all-black outfit and give it a pop of color with some leopard print ankle boots. If you were to choose something like knee-high animal print boots, that'd be overkill.

Of course, you have to wear it for the right occasion too. A night out with your girlfriends? Sure.

But for a meeting with the boss and some clients? That'd be a no.

So long as you can read the situation and wear them appropriately, animal print boots don't have to be something reserved just for the cougars. And we don't mean the animal either.

Snake Print Boots

Snake print boots are the more tasteful cousin of animal print boots. This type of boot has always been popular in the fashion scene since it's naturally so high couture—cool as a cucumber.

Just like with animal print boots, you don't want to go overboard with it. A pair of snake print cowboy boots will look massively different from a pair of python ankle boots.

If you don't want to look like you just came from the neighborhood rodeo, then stick to ankle boots. These will be just enough to add a pop of color and texture to your overall outfit.

Dr. Martens

If you're not a fan of more feminine looks, then you'll want to get a pair of Dr. Martens. This English footwear and clothing brand has been around since 1947 and while you can get boots in various styles and colors, this brand hasn't strayed from its classic style.

Dr. Martens are popular with goths, punks, new wave musicians, and other subcultures. However, they've recently become popular with more mainstream crowds.

This means you can make a bolder statement with fashion without going too extreme. Plus, Docs are pretty comfortable and go with almost any outfit (even girly dresses!), so it's a wise investment to make for a decent pair.

Square Toe Boots

These may not be for everyone, but they certainly make a statement. As you can guess, this type of boot has a flat, blunt tip, which gives it a very bold and even masculine look.

The great thing about this style is different designers will have different lengths of the square toe, which means you can get more feminine looks if you look around.

They also come in different materials and colors, so there's something for every type of girl.

Victorian Lace-Up Boots

Let's do a 180 and talk about a boot style that's extremely feminine. Brands draw upon some old designs from the Victorian era to bring us some more comfortable, more fashionable boots.

They're super feminine looking, which means if you're going for a girly look, you definitely need to have a pair or two. You can find these in tweed on one end, and leather on the other.

If you want to go for a sexier rather than girly look, consider getting lace-up boots that go all the way up your calves. With their stiletto heels, these boots will give you a slight dominating appearance.

Chunky Ankle Boots

Are you sick of being so short, you barely see anything? Are you always struggling to see past people's shoulders at shoes? With chunky ankle boots, you won't have such a difficult time anymore.

These boots will give you a few inches in height, all without ankle instability. You can wear these confidently in any crowded space and not be afraid you'll keel over.

And you definitely won't be trampled on. With these babies on, you'll be the one crunching toes, not the other way around.

Get in on the Hottest Fall Boot Trends

Now that you know what the fall boot trends are for 2019, you'll be able to fill your store with the hottest boots that women want. With these insider tips, you'll be able to beat out your competition and be the supply to the demand.

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