Time to Shine: 10 Styling Tips and Tricks To Get A Curvy Hourglass Figure

No need for surgery to get those curves. Get sneakily creative with these 12 styling tips and clothes for the hourglass figure of your dreams!

The hourglass figure. The key body type that all women desire and that makes men go crazy.

But this figure has been the epitome of beauty before Kim Kardashian started rocking her curves all over the world.

Women have been going above and beyond to achieve this figure; for example, women in Victorian England (1837 – 1901 era) clenched their waists with corsets in order to achieve a smaller waist.

Today, we know the risks of extreme alteration and manipulation. If you want to achieve an hourglass figure, do so safely by wearing clothes for an hourglass figure. Certain outfits help slim down your waist but accentuate your hips.

Here are 10 styling tips to achieve those perfect curves!

1. Wear a Wrap Dress

A wrap dress is a dress where one side wraps over the other. The dress is typically held together in the middle by a tie or a belt. This draws in the waist and the dress flows outward, accentuating the hourglass waist and hips.

Some wrap dresses are made with a V-neck, which emphasizes your bust and elongates your figure. This helps further accentuate your shape.

2. Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes trick the eye, making certain parts look smaller or bigger than what they are.

For example, lines and patterns moving outward from your hips give the appearance of wider hips, while lines and patterns moving inward from your waist will give the appearance of a smaller waist.

3. Opt for Button-Down Tops

Button-down tops aren’t only the greatest blouse-type for the job.

They can also help subtly accentuate your figure. A fitted button-down top clings to your shoulders and waist, making your shoulders and bust look wider and making your waist look smaller.

They also won’t add any extra bulk, showing off your natural curves.

Wear a high-waisted skirt for a more intense hourglass shape.

The material you choose also determines the fitted effect. Opt for cotton for best results.

4. Belted Dress

Do you want to know the easiest trick that accentuates your curves? Wear a typical dress but add a belt. A belt will draw in your waist, making it look smaller.

Keep in mind, this trick only works if your dress is form-fitting and not too bulky. But feel free to experiment by wearing dresses of different colors, patterns, and materials.

Does the belt matter? As long as it fits. You don’t want the belt to be too tight or too loose.

5. Belted Coat or Jacket

Aren’t a dress gal? Don’t worry — you can use this trick with a coat or a jacket. Coats and jackets are bulky and can easily disguise your figure. Flaunt it with a belt.

Choose a coat that’s made with a belt you can tie in front of you. Or, close your jacket and add in your favorite belt. Stick to A-line coats for best results; this trick usually doesn’t work with puffy coats.

6. Wear a V-Neck Sweater

Sweaters are a staple in every woman’s closet, especially if you live in a colder climate.

They’re comfortable, perfect for just about every occasion, and look great with just about anything. This wardrobe staple is also a nice tool to accentuate your curves.

Sweaters are form-fitting but lightweight enough to fit your curves comfortably. However, for the ultimate hourglass figure-boosting power, choose a V-neck sweater.

As stated previously, V-necks elongate the bust. But they also draw the eyes downward and away from the shoulders. This helps bring more attention to your hips. For a more intense hourglass look, use the belt trick.

7. Crop Tops

Crop tops are here to stay! These tops have been a serious trend and still reign in the fashion world today. Crop tops help flatter an hourglass figure like no other, especially when worn with a high-waisted skirt.

The secret comes from the small bit of waist that shows. While the high-waisted skirt or pants will make your hips look wider, the small amount of skin that shows will help make the waist look smaller.

8. Wide-Leg Pants

Do you love skinny jeans? If you want an irresistible hourglass figure, then throw them out! Opt for wide-leg pants instead. The wide-leg style helps make your hips look wider.

They also elongate your legs, especially when worn with heels. This helps your lower-half look ultra-feminine and not too wide. For a more dramatic effect, wear high-waist pants and a belt with it.

What top should you wear with these pants? Stick with a blazer or a crop top.

9. High-Waisted and Knee-Length Skirts

The high-waisted skirt was mentioned previously but this wardrobe staple deserves its own section. High-waisted skirts draw in the waist and naturally curve out at the hips, showing off the curves you never knew you had!

But you should specifically choose knee-length skirts. Why is that? Knee-length skirts are slimming. This is important if your skirt flows outward; the knee-length will prevent your lower-half from looking boxy.

10. High-Waisted Jeans

Did you notice we’re on a trend here? High-waist everything! This includes your jeans.

When your jeans sit at your hips, they make your legs look shorter. High-waist jeans enhance natural curves and help create the illusion of hips and a small waist.

What type of jeans should you choose? Ditch the skinny jeans. Straight leg jeans are the best but you can also opt for wide-leg jeans. In addition, choose a stretchy denim material so the jeans sit comfortably on your curves.

Wear These Clothes for an Hourglass Figure!

From jeans to dresses, there are many clothes for an hourglass figure. These clothes emphasize a small waist while drawing the hips outward. Even if you aren’t the bustiest woman, you can fool others by wearing these clothes.

Wear these clothing pieces to enhance your curves and slim down your waist. Remember little tricks, such as wearing a belt with a dress and coat.

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