5 Cozy Fall Sweater Styles Trending in 2019

Sweater season is here and with it, so much joy in bundling up. Here are the coziest fall sweater styles trending this fall.

Not to rush the end of summer or anything, but fall is fast approaching and we can’t wait. After all, the cooler temperatures and fallen leaves mean only one thing – it’s sweater weather!

While we’ve loved wearing cute dresses and pretty sandals in the sun this summer, there’s something so exciting about wrapping up in a cozy fall sweater.

Whether you’re looking for a soft and feminine knit or you’re seeking a chunky and funky cardigan, here are the fall sweater styles that are trending this autumn. It’s time to start shopping for our fall wardrobe!

1. Sheer and Delicate Sweater

To make a smooth transit from summer to fall, one of the first fall sweaters you should choose is one that’s sheer and delicate.

By choosing a light sweater, you can use it for those warm sunny days that transform into chilly nights. This works especially in the early days of fall such as in September or early October.

It’s also light and small enough to tuck into many bags, so it’s an easy enough piece to carry around.

Choose a smart and delicate sweater that can also look glamorous over a pretty dress when heading out for dinner. Or, you can go for a more casual sheer piece that can even be worn over a bikini on the beach.

2. Hybrid Knit

As we’ve established, fall fashion can be a bit confusing. Some days are warm and balmy, while others are chilly and breezy.

You might see a floaty sundress paired with a chunky knit or shearling jacket, for example. As after all, fall weather is unpredictable!

The solution? The hybrid knit. A hybrid knit is where a piece of clothing will feature a knitted area but it cannot be labeled as being a full-on sweater.

The hybrid knit can take various forms and the trend is expected to be a popular one! For example, a cream-colored silk blouse featuring a warm knitted panel can take the romance of a typical dressy dinner piece while adding on a little extra warmth so the big jacket can be left at home.

Or, a hybrid knit may appear in the form of outerwear. For example, a leather jacket body may feature cozy sweater sleeves to offer a more comfortable feel. After all, what do you wear if you can’t decide if it’s sweater weather or jacket weather?

3. Classic Cardigan

A fall sweater style you can’t go wrong with is a classic cardigan. Again, it’s the perfect choice to bring along on a warm day that may dramatically turn into a chilly night. Simply pop it over any outfit you’re wearing, whether it’s a cute dress or a jeans and top combo.

There are plenty of cardigan options to suit anyone, too. From large and chunky knits that provide enough warmth as a coat to thin and wispy cardigans to throw over a vest top, there are many styles on the market.

However, you can’t go wrong with a classic cashmere cardigan. Not only will it keep you warm in the fall, but it’s also an investment piece that you can wear for years to come.

Choose a cashmere cardigan in your favorite color and wait for the compliments to come rolling in! We promise you’ll look a million bucks.

4. Fair Isle Knit

While you may recognize the fair isle sweater design from being worn during the Christmas holidays, this year the trendy sweater pattern isn’t just limited to December.

After being shown off in countless runway shows – including Celine, Altuzarra, and Chanel – the popular knitwear style is officially trending for fall 2019.

And we have to say, we’re thrilled! After all, the fair isle knit design makes for the best cozy sweaters.

Fair isle designs come in all different colors too, so no matter what your favorite shade is you’re sure to find a knit with your name on it. Pair your cozy sweater with a pair of comfy jeans or a denim skirt for a simple yet cute look. Or, consider layering it over a dress with tights.

You might want to choose a special one to wear on Christmas day!

5. Argyle Sweater

Ready to get preppy? Well, you better be because it’s official – argyle knits are back!

While we love the classic preppy style in the form of cute sweaters, this throwback print also works well as a fall vest or cardigan too.

As most argyle sweaters aren’t too thick nor are they too flimsy, they’re the perfect sweater option to wear through the unpredictable fall months.

Choose your color palette to suit your tastes – there are plenty of argyle sweater designs available, whether you prefer bright and bold or gentle and subtle.

Which Fall Sweater Trend Will You Rock?

Whatever your style, one of these fall sweater trends is bound to suit you!

The best part about fall fashion is that layering sweaters is in. So, on a particularly cold day, you can get creative and layer different types of knit in your wardrobe.

Why not consider wearing your favorite sweater with a chunky knitted cardigan over it? Not only will you look trendy, but you’ll also feel super snug and warm.

Turtlenecks are also a great choice to layer underneath other knits, as you can spot the neck peeking over another sweater. But whatever way you decide to rock your fall sweaters, it’s hard to go wrong if you have a trendy variety of different kinds of knits.

Ready to start shopping for your fall wardrobe? Check out our cute and cozy range of fall sweaters here!


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