7 Biggest Trends in Women's Tops for 2019

It's time to move outdated trends to the clearance rack and make room for the new season. Stock your shelves with the most popular women's tops of the year!

You don't have to climb far to reach these tops.

The latest women's tops of 2019 are at your fingertips. We've gathered together our favorite picks for this year's blouses, blazers, and more! If you like color, patterns, and some tasteful flirty fun then you've come to the right place.

It's time to move outdated trends to the clearance rack and make room for the new season. Stock your shelves with the most popular women's tops of the year! Read on to check out these trends and where to find them for your store.

Top It Off

Let's dive right into this year's hottest trends. We've got something for everyone, all shapes, sizes, and all kinds of styles to match your customer's unique personality. 

1. Crop Tops

It doesn't matter your size or shape, crop tops are on-trend and flattering. They're cropping up everywhere. Showing a little skin never hurt anyone, and your customers can flaunt what they've got with these flirty shirts.

Owning a crop top with confidence is all about how you put together the look and fit. Wear a loose crop top and try out different lengths to create a nice shape. Wear a conservative pencil skirt in dark colors to keep your crop top looking professional.

Your customers can also pair these with high waisted skirts and wide-legged pants. You don't have to show a ton of skin to still rock this fashion trend. Find a structured crop top for a more formal look and pair it with a classy blazer.

2. Sporty Shirt

Athleisure is continuing to be a go-to trend this year, and for good reason! You can find stylish athletic tops that are super comfortable and classy at the same time. Athletic clothing companies are creating new designs for tops that are great for the gym and a night out. 

The latest trends are bold block colors and tracksuits. Your shoppers can accessorize this cozy outfit with some heels and a purse. We see celebrities dressing up their athleisure with jewelry and boots or keeping it simple with sneakers.

3. Off-the-Shoulder

This flirty style is having a revival and it is in full bloom. You can show some skin in all kinds of off-the-shoulder tops. Whether it's a pleasant look or an asymmetrical one-shoulder style, this is an easy way to get creative with your tops.

We've seen these in balloon sleeves and crop tops. You can also find bold patterns and colors to really make a statement. Have fun with the variety of ways this trend is showing up.

4. Trail Blazer

There's nothing like a classic blazer to take an outfit to the next level of fashion. This staple clothing item has a long history in men's fashion. Blazers are still having their day in the sun, but women are taking a turn.

Nothing completes an outfit with class quite like a blazer. Your shoppers are going to be feeling power suit vibes when they start pairing this structured top with their favorite layers.

Whether it's a long belted blazer or puffy shoulders, blazers are doing more these days than just matching a pencil skirt. Try out bold patterns such as animal prints or tartan blazers. 

They're also great at dressing up a casual skirt or even a pair of bike shorts. Yep, blazers can pretty much go with anything. Stock up on new blazer fits and styles, this is one trend that is here to stay.

5. Animal Instincts

Some trends are just too good to let go of. These days we're still hanging on to animal prints and fashionistas everywhere are taking this sexy look to the next level. 

We love how animal prints can turn heads and we're craning to see what's next. This year add leopard print to your wardrobe. You can experiment by mixing it with different patterns

You don't have to settle for leopard all over but if you want to, then go for it! We're seeing celebrities wearing pantsuit leopard prints. If you'd rather play it safe, then go for a bold animal print top and pair it with a black skirt or casual jeans.

A little animal print can go a long way with any outfit. 

6. Lingerie for Days

Lately, we've been seeing celebrities wearing what seems like lingerie as clothing. They pair bralettes with sheer tops or even wear lace camisoles or bustiers for a night out. 

Granted, not everyone can pull off this risque look without getting some odd glances. We can't all be celebrities with an entourage of guards and assistants making sure nothing slips out.

But this trend can be accomplished in more conservative ways. Try wearing a lacy tank top instead of actual lingerie. If you want to be daring, you can try wearing a bralette with a sheer top or add a blazer for coverage. This is a classy way that celebrities have been dressing up the lingerie look. 

There are different lengths and fabrics that can keep you covered while also helping you rock this trend. You can even exchange a bra for your bikini during the hot summer temps.

Still, some lingerie is better left for the bedroom.

7. Puff It Up

One awesome trend that we're really loving is the fun that designers are having with extra fabric in sleeves. The latest trend this year has involved flowing layers of fabric and sleeves are no exception.

The puffy sleeve trend started in the spring and it's still going strong. These can either be a throwback to the '80s with high shoulders or reminiscent of Victorian-era tops. There are all kinds of puffy sleeve lengths and styles.

Try this flirty trend for your store!

Women's Tops in 2019

These are just a few of the trends seen this year. Whether you're looking to bare some skin or show off an eye-catching pattern, 2019 is the year of taking risks and having fun with your unique style.

Want to find more trends to stock your store with? Check out our new arrivals for more great fashion.

Will you try out one of these women's tops? Which trend do you like the most? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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