Most Fashionable Types Of Clothing That Are Trending In Stores

The types of clothing that are trending in the stores are the ones that are in demand. Clothes being in demand means more traffic to your clothing store.

Did you know it's expected that the US apparel market will be worth 385 billion dollars by 2025?

Yes, clothing stores are becoming more popular than ever before. If you dreamed about opening a clothing store, now's the time to take the plunge!

But if you're opening a store, you need to stock types of clothing that are trending RIGHT NOW. Even if you're targeting a niche audience, the clothing you choose needs to be up to date.

But what trending women's clothes should you choose for your up-and-coming store? Read on to find out.

Are you ready? Let's hit the catwalk!

Types of Clothing—What's Hot and What's Not?

When choosing boutique clothes for your new store, it all comes down to this. If you leave out what's hot and stick with what's not, you'll have a store full of clothes. And NO customers!

Get trending and make sure you have these essentials in stock this year.

Back to Basics

Before stocking up your store with clothes trending now, you need to stock up on the basics for your boutique clothes. Every woman's wardrobe needs to have these necessities:

  • Classic dark blue jeans (easy wearability for seasons to come)
  • White T-shirt (dress this piece up, dress it down, use it under or over clothing)
  • LBD (Little black dress for a timeless look)
  • Button down shirt (wear it at the office or on the weekends)
  • Plain sweater (for layering purposes)
  • Knee length pencil skirt (elegant for work or play)
  • Denim jacket (relaxed, yet feminine, also great for layering)

Women can use each of these items in several different ways. If you make sure you have the basics in stock, as well as trendy items, your customers will keep coming back.

Go Wild

On top of the basics for your boutique clothes, you also need statement pieces. This year it's all about wild vibes and funky prints.

Unleash the inner jungle cat and keep strong, striking animal prints in your store. Tartan and patchwork are also styles of clothes trending now. Try jumpsuits, pants, dresses, and swimwear in these crazy prints.

But don't only opt for neutral tones. Try stocking brighter hues with contrasting designs too.

Summertime Fashion

Biker shorts, high waisted shorts, and light camisole summer dresses are trending women's clothes for this summer. Using a scarf as a wrap-around skirt is now trending both on and off the beach this year too.

As well as summer clothing, don't forget some hot swimwear. High-leg designs in one or two-piece swimsuits will be all over the beach this year. Bows and strings are in, but also a simpler bandeau top is also trending.

Seasons of Change

As the seasons change, trending clothes adapt but stick to similar styles.

For instance, those bike shorts you stocked in the summer are perfect to pair with a blazer for cooler months. In this year's upcoming winter, ditch the blazer and opt for trench coats for the ultimate outwear.

Longer pleated skirts, patchwork jeans, and boiler suits. Also, crochet and knitwear, and velvet asymmetrical dresses can wrap up your customers when it starts to get really cold. Swap the high waisted shorts for high waisted jeans and you'll be ready for the cold weather.

Athleisure for the Win

Long gone are the days when sweatpants were taboo to wear out in public. Now the exercise look, known as athleisure, is all the rage in girls boutique clothes.

Celebrities are wearing yoga pants, leggings, exercise dresses, and coordinated jogger sets. Pair them with futuristic sneakers and you've mastered the leisure look for 2019.

Shoes Galore

This year, as well as trending clothes you need to stock trending shoes.

Forget neutral tones, it's all about color in shoes this year. Brightly colored sandals, pumps, and sneakers are all the rage. Especially purple!

Comfy sandals are in. So are chunky dads sneakers, and beloved flipflops. It's all about comfort in footwear this summer.

When it starts to cool down, kick off the granny sandals and opt for some little ankle booties instead.

Along with comfort, there is also something classy for those days you need to dress up. Feathered flats and heels were all over the runway. Embroidered patterns and sculptural heels were also trending.

Amazing Accessories

Out of all the fashion trends that come and go, accessories change the quickest. This year make sure to have the LL Cool J style bucket hat in-store. Baker boy hats are also back with a vengeance, especially for the winter months.

Big and bold bags are out, and teeny tiny shrunken bags are in. While they may not be practical, celebs are opting for miniature bags instead of practicality. Another bag style that's trending is basket bags which are perfect for summery vibes.

Different Shapes and Sizes

If you really want to put your clothing store on the map, you need to cater to the wonderfully diverse shapes and sizes of women. Nobody wants to step into a store if it only caters for the "average size".

In fact, Rebel Wilson said she actually skipped a friends wedding because she couldn't find a nice outfit in her size. Be different from the rest, and make sure your store offers a variety of options. Such as:

If possible, try to have all the clothing options available in all sizes. This inclusive shopping experience will win the hearts of your customers. Their positive experience will, no doubt, make them regular customers.

Keep Ahead of the Fashion Game

It's clear to see that having various types of clothing in your store is key to success. But you always need to keep up to date with what's hot and what's not to keep a fresh vibe.

If you struggle to keep on top of the trends, you've come to the right place. We at Mikaree feel dedicated to making the world a more fashionable place. Buy wholesale clothes from us, and you'll AWAYS be ahead of the fashion game.

Check out our store for some inspiration!

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