Fashion is for All: 7 Inclusive Plus Size Brands in Fashion

Inclusive plus size brands shouldn't be the exception to the rule. Here are 7 clothing brands that are actually doing size inclusivity and body positivity right.

68% of American women wear a size 16 or above. 

But, why do we never see models or even mannequins wearing these sizes? There's a lot to be said for how inclusivity can make people feel better about themselves.

So, why not do something radical and boycott brands which make you feel left out? Instead, buy from clothing companies which are getting it right.

Inclusive plus size brands shouldn't be the exception to the rule! Here are 8 clothing brands that are actually doing size inclusivity and body positivity right:

1. Mikaree Offers Wholesale Fashion

Mikaree boasts a huge team of fashion lovers from all around the globe. Their aim is to provide you with an amazing online shopping experience. 

They're doing a pretty great job and have hundreds of options available from cute accessories, gorgeous beachwear, and everyday basics.  

2. Sotela is for Everyone 

This brand is certainly getting inclusivity right. It is based in LA and has the goal of developing body-positive clothing for women. 

As a result, its clothes come in all shapes and sizes and are minimalist pieces, meaning you're able to wear them for years to come. 

Better yet, this brand isn't only thinking about the women that are buying the clothes, but also those making them. 

Its clothing is eco-friendly and uses materials such as hemp, linen, and organic cotton. Clothing is made-to-order which means there is no waste.

Hanna Baror-Padilla is the founder of the company who wanted to develop clothing which would evolve with the wearer, also reducing the amount of clothing that goes to the landfill.

3. Reformation is a Sustainable Fashion Brand

If you haven't come across Reformation's website yet, it's certainly worth checking out. 

Not only does this company develop stunning clothing, but it also promotes body positivity and sustainable living. 

You'll find some stunning photoshoots on the website which will have you quickly reaching for your credit card. 

The clothes come in a range from XS to 3X (or size 24) so you should be able to find something which fits you beautifully. 

The company also uses sustainable materials for its clothing range and has been carbon neutral for four years. 

Furthermore, if you're looking for affordable wedding dresses, bridesmaids dresses, or even an outfit to wear as a guest, this is a great place to look. 

4. ASOS Makes Online Shopping Fun

Although ASOS isn't the most sustainable website to shop from, they're great when it comes to choosing brands which are inclusive. 

On this platform, you'll find hundreds of different brands and clothing items for sale. Plus, it is easy to search for exactly what you want.

Looking for pink, plus-sized track pants? No problem! How about petite, sparkly evening dresses? Here you go! 

If you spend any time on YouTube, you'll be familiar with the fun video format in which couples buy clothes for each other from ASOS. Hilarity usually ensues and, better yet, it's easy to send clothes that you're not happy with back!

Furthermore, if you're a student, you can get around 20% off which means updating your wardrobe is super affordable.

5. Zelie for She is Based in LA

Yet another stunning brand based in Los Angeles is proving that not everyone in town is super thin. 

This brand is body-positive and creates plus-sized clothing for women. The brand's clothing is travel-inspired and bohemian. 

The website claims it is an "unapologetic expression of one's authenticity and individuality." The clothing is all produced in the US and is completely unique.

Furthermore, if you see something you like on the website, make sure to snap it up because once it's gone, it's gone for good!

6. Dear Kate Makes Undies for All

Have you ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation after leaking during your period? Dear Kate is a brand which is aiming to stop this!

The company develops underwear which can be worn while you're on your period. It has no plastic but offers moisture-wicking fabric to ensure you have a breathable period. 

The linings of these undergarments can hold up to two tampons worth of blood so you can be sure that you won't leak. 

Better yet, this company is extremely body positive. Their brand campaigns show a wide variety of bodies.

7. Premme Provides Plus-Sized Pieces

Premme is a company set up by two women who wanted to develop clothing that plus-sized women actually wanted to wear. 

Founders Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason believed that clothing for larger women was either too similar or boring. So, they decided to come up with a fashionable alternative.

These entrepreneurs soon proved that plus-sized fashion doesn't have to be boring. They offer a stunning range of colors, patterns, and designs. 

Furthermore, if you're struggling with sizing, you'll find that their size guide gives you a very good idea of what to order and how well it will fit you.

8. 11 Honore Offers Stunning Clothing

Are you looking for outfits which you can wear on your next vacation? 11 Honore offers you the chance to look chic and stunning. 

Better yet, its clothes are inclusive which means you'll see plus-sized models throughout its campaigns. 

The hilarious Melissa McCarthy has previously worn clothing by 11 Honore on a talk show. She looked beautiful in her black dress, and you can too. 

All of their clothing is lovingly crafted by designers who want to see plus-sized women wear something that they love and feel comfortable in.

Inclusive Plus Size Brands Are The Best Brands

If you're never happy with the clothes you buy from high street stores, then perhaps it's time to check out inclusive plus size brands. 

By buying from a designer or brand which has developed an outfit specifically for larger women, you're more likely to find something that you love. 

Are you an entrepreneur setting up your own fashion brand? Visit our wholesale section to learn more about how we can help you.


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