7 Sizzling Bikini Trends for Summer

Are last year's bikini styles still hanging on the rack? Stock up on the latest trends for summer! Here are seven bikini trends you don't want to miss.

The summer is here! With the sun shining high in the sky, it is time to bring out the swimwear and head to the beach or pool. Before you head out though, we need to have a talk about what you're going to wear.

Is that last year's swimsuit in your hand? Are you sure you want to wear that? Swimwear, much like any other item of clothing, swings and sways to the pull of the season and the trends of the year. 

The swimwear market is booming, with companies seeing rising sales of up to 19% even in the midst of declines in other areas. 

Does your current swimsuit hit the mark with this year's new bikini styles? 

Keep reading, because we're about to run through the years hottest bikini trends so that you look stylish and fabulous all summer long. 

1. Cutouts

Cut out swimsuits are the perfect mixture of safe and sexy. Mix the safe and comfortable feeling of an all in one swimsuit with the sexy skin showing appeal of a bikini and you have the cutout. 

The perfect choice for those who are not ready to expose it all in a two-piece, but want to flash just the right amount of skin at the same time. 

What's great about cutouts being trendy bathing suits is that they are not a one cut suits all deal. You can find a design cut in the places that you know will suit you and cover the bits you don't want showing. It gives you a wide range of choices beyond mere multiple colors of the same base design. It's the perfect style for any occasion. 

2. All About the Texture

This year is all about texture. The popular swimsuits this summer are the ones willing to be bold and stand out from the crowd. 

From bikini trends for top desire swimsuits, there is a limited amount of material to play with, so why not take a step outside the box and look at more than colors or patterns. Look for textures that provide a unique look and feel. 

A textured swimsuit will have everyone's heads turning for all the right reasons. 

3. Shoulder Details

From thick straps to knots, frills, bows, and accessories, one of the top bikini trends this year is the shoulder. Straps are straps, and most swimsuits have them, some don't.

Until now, they have been more a functional element rather than part of the real design, but this summer, straps are taking their turn at the wheel. 

By making full use of the shoulder straps, this Summer's hottest bikinis will look better as well as offering increased comfort and support for women of all sizes and body types. 

4. Styling and Protecting

As a society, we are becoming more health-conscious by the hour, yet often, when it comes to the sun, we are still too eager to get that golden tan all over. Our understanding of the dangers of overexposure to the sun is growing, and now the fashion industry is taking it to heart with its new summer swimsuit trend. 

This year, sensible can be sexy with long-sleeved swimsuits making a stand as one of the hottest new bikini styles on the market. From one-pieces to bikinis, long sleeves are in. So give them a look, and you will soon be styling and protecting your way through the summer.

5. Pulling Double Duty

Creating the perfect ensemble is not only about having something that looks good by the pool, but rather, something that looks good anywhere. One of the hottest bikini trends this year is the double-duty look. Take your bikini and turn it into the base of an all-day outfit. 

This has a double benefit of not only making you the envy of the summer crowd, but it gives you functionality and flexibility to be able to take a cooling dip whenever the mood strikes. 

6. High Cut Legs

A good pair of legs is a shameful thing to waste. Be proud of your stems and flaunt them when you can. By investing in some high cut trendy bikinis you are embracing the fashion of the summer as well as highlighting your sexiest features.  

A nice throwback to the style of the '80s with a modern twist, the high cut look is back with a vengeance. Don't forget that the high-cut look works for trendy bikinis as well as it does for the popular swimsuits. 

7. Go Retro This Summer

If going back to the 80s with the high cut look isn't enough, other trendy bathing suit ideas include going full retro. Take in some of the cute designs paying homage to the popular swimsuits of the fifties and sixties. 

The combination of the vintage look and modern-day sexy is a powerful combination and one guaranteed to get heads turning and people talking for all the right reasons. 

There is something about the retro designs that present a fun and carefree attitude. These are perfect for those backyard summer parties with your friends.

Be Confident and Wear This Years Bikini Trends With Pride

While following the bikini trends is great for the fashionista in you, the real trend is to be comfortable with who you are and what you enjoy. 

Be it a textured cutout, a long-sleeved swimsuit, or even a cutesy retro bikini, as long as you love it and feel great wearing it, that's all that matters. 

Be proud of yourself and how great you look in your swimwear this summer. Check out our full catalog for some of the best looking swimsuits and bikinis, and make yourself the envy of the pool crowd. 

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