From the Ocean to the Office: 5 Fashionable Ways to Wear Beach Clothes In the City

Just love your one-piece but have no time to chill by the pool? Bring the summer vibes into your workplace with these swimsuits and office outfit ideas.

Women's workwear has come a long way since the below-the-knee skirts and tucked in blouses of the 1950s. No one knew quite how to push the office dress code like Angela on The Office. And if anyone would show up in a swimsuit under her skirt, Angela would. 

We all have an Angela in the office, and some of us really would love to be as bold as her. Thanks to the fact that millennials are taking over the workforce, a more casual dress code now exists. 

Best of all, it's practical. If you live near the beach or want to just use your uber-cute swimsuit for something more than just pool parties, you can now make it work at the office. 

Check out these swimsuits office outfit ideas. 

Swimsuits: Not Just for the Beach

When you think of a swimsuit and an office, you immediately may think of company retreats and outings. After all, who wouldn't wear a swimsuit to the beach party retreat your office has scheduled every June or the yacht party they schedule at the end of the summer. 

That would make sense. You should wear a swimsuit when you're near the water and everyone else from the office is donning spandex. 

But even then, you use a pebble of prudence and common sense. Leave the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie at home if you're a woman, and men should leave their speedos with their swim workout gear at home. 

Wearing your swimsuit at the office as a part of your office apparel is no different. Women especially can dual-purpose their swimsuits, especially if they're fashion suits and not a Nike performance one piece. 

Plus, when you wear a bathing suit at the office, you can stay cooler than wearing a typical blouse. The commute home will be heavenly when you strip off the blazer and just listen to your going-home tunes in your swimsuit and trousers. 

Swimsuits Office Outfit Ideas

But how does a person exactly go about dual purposing a swimsuit? You obviously can't just wear the suit under a trench coat and then hang the coat up at work. 

Think of your swimsuit as another basic piece of the wardrobe. It works especially well as a shell. 

Who knows? You may end up buying more swimsuits just because you like their look and feel. Think carefully about the different types of suits and how to use them. 

1. Halter Tops

You can easily wear the right halter top swimsuit with a gauzy, flowy skirt. Halter tops are a little dangerous in that they may ride the edge of modesty, so make sure you wear a high-cut top that won't land you in the HR Department with a dress code violation.

Good halter tops can be modest. Wear them with trousers and time, tailored blazer. Then when you're in your own inner office and not milling around other employees, you can take the blazer off and stay cool and comfortable. 

A good halter top will show off your toned shoulders and back not to mention the tan you've worked so hard to perfect on the weekends. 

2. Layers

Use your swimsuit as a basic beginning layer of many layers. You've perfected this look more likely in the cooler winter months. You do not need to abandon it in the summer. 

This summer, in particular, layers are among the most fashionable trends, so you're not only using your clothes in a clever way, you're doing it in a fashionable way. 

3. Rash Guard

If you're not wanting to flaunt your arms and shoulders, you can always opt for a rash guard. This particular swimsuit top has made its way into the mainstream thanks to its UV friendly properties.

Its popularity as a practical piece has also encouraged designers to make it a fashionable piece. As a result, you can find all kinds of floral and printed rashguards that would work fantastic as a top at work.

Plus, the rash guard is the most HR friendly top. You can wear it under a blazer or alone. If you opt for this piece, find something fun and funky to wear under a plain, dark blazer.  

Best of all, rash guards have this sharp, neat look. You wear a rash guard with confidence while keeping in mind that casual doesn't mean sloppy

4. Bikini Top

If you work in a particularly casual environment, you may get by wearing your bikini top to work. if you have just the right top that doesn't show excessive amounts of neckline or belly, you may have just the right and comfortable piece to wear under a blazer. 

5. Fashion One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits have come a long way since the early days of the swimsuit division in pageants.

Today's one-piece has such flair and finesse that one can't help but imagine wearing it under a pair of wide-legged pants with the appropriate denim jacket or tailored blazer.

If you have a hot commute, then you have a bonus because you can ditch the outerwear and just wear your suit and trousers to and from work. When you do this, you'll arrive at work cool and sweat-free, avoiding those tell-tale pit marks after a stressful drive through rush hour traffic. 

Look for fashion suits like those with cap sleeves and ruffles or perhaps a beautifully patterned suit. The metallic suit that you'd never wear in the water but love wearing on the poolside works especially well as an office top.

Pair the sleek one-piece with wide-legged trousers and colorful mules or a mini skirt and chunky heels. Add in the right, sassy accessories, and you'll have a comfortable and memorable office outfit.

Stay Cool, Stay Dry, Stay Professional

The urban female does not have to settle for manly clothes to succeed in business. These swimsuits office outfit ideas will keep your coworkers in the dark but keep you in the spotlight. Unless you tell them, they'll never know you're about to jet off to the beach as soon as you punch out. 

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