Look at These Essential Summer Fashion Trends for 2019

Are you ready to step into the light and bask in the sun? Check out these essential summer fashion trends for the 2019 season.

You may be ready for summer. But is your wardrobe ready?

This is the time of year when people like to strut their stuff everywhere from the beach to the mall, with a healthy dose of road trips in-between. You're going to be seeing a lot of people, and that makes sure you're ready to be seen.

You'll need to be on top of your fashion game. Fortunately, we've prepared an easy guide to the summer fashion trends to look out for in 2019!

Blazing Bikers

Being on top of summer fashion trends often means wearing something unexpected. Try this on for size: blazers and biker shorts.

It may sound crazy, but this look actually blends the freedom of athletic wear with the stylish chic of something more formal. And you wearing less while wearing a blazer projects bold confidence that everyone around you is bound to notice.

We also like this look because it goes with just about anything. Try taking this fashion everyone from the boardwalk to Broadway.

Sunglasses Season

Everyone loves the summer because it's so sunny. However, your eyes may not appreciate all that sunlight as much as your brain does.

This is the perfect time to rock some sunglasses, but which ones are your summer must-haves? We recommend experimenting with fun colors like purple and pink and accessorizing your wardrobe around the shades.

Rectangular sunglasses have a fun throwback vibe while offering protection for most of your upper face. Or to look like you're living in the future, get some colorful ski-inspired shades.

Remember, the summer fashion trend motto is "be bold." Get some sunglasses that reflect that idea.

One-Piece Swimsuits

Summer is a time of swimming in the ocean and the pool. And that means finding the perfect swimsuit for the occasion.

For years, two-piece swimsuits have dominated the season. Now, however, the one-piece swimsuit has clawed its way to the top of the summer fashion trends.

It's not hard to see why. These swimsuits are more flattering to the figure while also giving you more material to make a fun fashion statement.

You can go classy with single colors like black or mix it up with stripes or prints. You end up with the best of both worlds: comfort and style, all in one piece.

Animal Magnetism

Speaking of prints, the animal print is making a big comeback this summer. And it's a great way to let just about anybody bring out their inner wild child.

You can go as loud or as quiet with these prints as you want. That includes rocking everything from small handbags all the way to leopard print dresses or coats.

One of our favorite things about this summer fashion is that you can mix and match as needed. Wear prints for your top and bottom or mix things up to add a cool contrast for those hot summer days.

Sun and Sandals

Chances are you'll be walking around a lot this summer. And that makes having comfortable shoes a very high priority.

Sandals make for a really great and comfortable shoe. The trick, of course, is getting sandals that are both stylish and comfortable.

Greek-style sandals are classic and comfortable. They give you a timeless look while helping to protect your feet.

Flatform sandals are a way to give yourself added comfort while also presenting a very modern style. And you can get them in differing degrees of chunkiness. You know, in case you need to be a bit taller for the occasion!

Velcro sandals blend sandal comfort with the athletic appeal of sneakers. This is great if you plan to spend summer "on the go."

Old School Jeans Cool

Like we said before, being on top of fashion trends often means going against the grain. And that's very true when it comes to blue jeans.

Most people are still rocking the skinny jeans look. But just between us, that particular look is so played out.

Instead, we recommend going old school and rocking things like straight cuts, boot cuts, or whatever you find most comfortable. Top the style off by finding the wash that perfectly accentuates both your fashion and your skin tone.

Loving the Lavender

It's tough to pick a single color for the summer of 2019. Frankly, we love all the colors, and the brighter, the better!

However, one shade seems poised to dominate all summer long. What are we talking about? Lavender, of course!

While everyone else is trying to pull off an ultraviolet look, lavender is a softer and more forgiving color. That means you'll be able to stand out from the crowd while also experimenting with some bold fashion choices.

Like with animal prints, lavender is a look that really scales up or down as needed. You may add a dash of it with some shorts or a bag or go all out with a lavender coat or dress.

Ultimately, lavender is a lot like some of our favorite experiences: much wilder and exciting than you thought when you first tried it!

Chunky Shoes

When it comes to summer, "chunky" is the last word most of us want to think about. There is an exception, though: chunky shoes.

Whether it's the need for comfort or simply the rise of the "dad bod," many retailers are releasing chunky sneakers. That means that these shoes are poised to be an unexpected summer fashion trend for 2019.

The chunky nature of these sneaks makes them comfortable for your various summer adventures. But what makes us the most excited are the fashion possibilities.

There are more colors and fashions than you can shake a selfie stick at. That makes it possible to stockpile a variety of shoes that can perfect a variety of hot looks all summer long.

Summer Fashion: The Bottom Line

Now you know about the hottest summer fashion trends of 2019. But do you know where to find all these hot new looks?

At Mikaree, we have all of your fashion needs covered for summer and beyond. Come check out our hot new arrivals today!

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