Bundle Up: 9 Lightweight Trending Jackets to Transition into Fall

The weather is changing and it's time to bundle up in warmer clothes. Here are the trending jackets of 2019 that women everywhere are adding to their closets.

With the cooler air of autumn soon approaching, now's the time to give your wardrobe a refresh.

When it comes to layering, a lightweight jacket is a perfect piece to pair with your favorite tops, bottoms, and dresses.

Check out these nine trending jackets that will help you make an easy transition from summer right into fall.

1. Leather Blazers

Not only are blazers all the rage this season, but these trending jackets are even better when they're made of soft, smooth leather. The great thing about a leather blazer is that you can blend the preppy look with a rebellious edge and still look fab.

Pick a blazer that includes pockets and buttons to give your outfit a polished look. Black leather is the most popular choice, but you can find leather blazers in a variety of colors from warm brown tones to colorful suede.

2. Long Trench Coats

Nothing says chic like a classic trench coat, and these jackets offer you a look that gives a little more structure than your average layer. Try to keep the trench coat in a neutral color so it's easy to match with anything you wear.

Trench coats usually include a tie at the waist to give your silhouette some added definition. You can wear them buttoned all the way up, or sport yours open to create a laid-back look to toss over jeans and a t-shirt.

3. Belted Jackets

Somewhere between a blazer and a casual jacket is the belted jacket, which gives you a chance to create a bit more waist definition than a classic blazer alone. Pick a denim belted jacket for a casual look or go with something in a crisp white fabric.

Most belted jackets are double-breasted so they're perfect for career wear. Pair yours with a pair of your favorite denim and some heels and you're off!

4. Touches of Shearling

The shearling trend has come and gone over the years, but this fall it's back with a vengeance. Look for jackets accented with shearling trim around the collar, sleeves, and hem.

Not only is shearling cute, but it's also super-cozy so it will help keep you warm. Try a jacket that's fully lined with shearling if you're looking for something to keep you toasty into the winter months.

5. Animal Print Trending Jackets

If you really want to take your fall wardrobe up a notch this season, try a jacket boasting a bold animal print. From leopard and cheetah to snakeskin and zebra, these jackets are wild and dramatic.

Animal print jackets can be made of anything, whether you love faux fur or nylon. Wear a long jacket featured in a cheetah print to give your ensemble an urban, streetwise aesthetic.

6. Raincoats

You might have had a raincoat when you were younger, but guess what? They're back this season for adults, too. Raincoats are tons of fun since they come in a wide assortment of colors and designs.

You can opt to wear a raincoat with a hood and a long length if you're looking for something functional. Alternatively, try a raincoat featured in a cool moto jacket cut or something in a plaid print to give it a stylish, updated touch.

7. Quilted Jackets

Don't confuse quilted jackets with the puffer jacket trend. Yes, these jackets are thick and warm, but they still offer an attractive, toned-down silhouette that works well with a variety of outfits.

The quilted jacket features thicker insulation than most fall jackets along with quilted stitching to give it a touch of texture. Try one featured in a ripstop fabric that will hold up to all those pumpkin patches and corn maze visits you'll enjoy this fall.

8. Anything Made with Leather

Of all the materials for clothing and outerwear, leather never goes out of style. This fall, keep an eye out for leather jackets in a longer cut than the standard moto design. The smooth, soft leather feels great but textured leather is also a fashionable choice for jackets.

You can truly never go wrong with a leather jacket, so make sure you choose something versatile you can easily wear with anything. Black, brown, or colored leather will all look fabulous with your autumn attire.

9. Utility Jackets

The utility jacket is a classic trend that just keeps getting better and improving every year. Whether it's made of denim or canvas, these lightweight fall jackets wear well for almost any occasion. You can throw on a utility jacket for a visit to the coffee shop, but it also looks great over work attire.

Try a utility jacket with lots of pockets and a belt to create various looks. Button closures are common, but a zippered front is also coming into vogue this season. Most utility jackets come in solid colors, but you may be able to find some in a fun pattern, too.

Autumn, Here We Come

Whether you're really into the oversized blazer look or you adore animal prints, these trending jackets will help you transition from the heat of summer to the cooler weather of fall. Pick out jackets that will complement your favorite pieces like denim, skirts, and leggings.

You can never go wrong with leather, or try something new like a trendy raincoat or quilted jacket. Whatever you choose, you'll love the look and style of the latest jacket designs.

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